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Boy of the painted cave

No description

amanda matlin

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of Boy of the painted cave

By Amanda Matlin Boy of the Panted Cave Boy of The Painted Cave Justin Denzel Characters Plot Settings Figurative Language Recommendation Justin Denzel His editor, Patrica Lee Gauch, works many hours for him. Tao VALLEY Intro Simile I recommend this book to kids that have a dream either want to be an artist or what ever they want to be. This book has a lot of excitement and you never knows what will happen. Tao took many risk but he still succeed. This book tells you that you must always follow your dream. Amanda Matlin 1996 He has two kids name Ken and Elise He has a wife named Josephine His wife spent many evenings going over his raugh drafts Boy of the Painted Cave was printed in United states Volt Kala Graybeard Ram Tao is a dreamer and he wants to become a cave painter but he has a lame foot so he can not become a Chosen One but Tao keeps trying and accomplish his goal. Kala adopted Tao because they where going to let Tao sit in the rocks and die because of his lame foot then that is when she adopted Tao. Volt is Taos father and he is also the leader of the clan knowone told Tao that Volt was his father but at the end Tao figuered out that Volt was his father. Graybeard is the Chosen One Tao showed his drawing to him Graybeard was going to show the clan his drawings his then he died and did not get them. Ram is a wolf dog that Tao found in the wild wolf dogs where not allowed in the clan because when Volt got attacked SECRET CAVERN TAO'S cave Big cave Mountain Tao's cave is where he went to live in his own and to paint. The secret cavern is where the Chosen One went to paint and where Tao went to paint to. The valley is where the valley people lived/Tao's clan The Mountain is where the Mountain people live this is where Ram was stolen. The big cave is where Graybeard took Tao to teach him magic and how to paint Rising Action Climax Falling action Resolution Hes rebelling tracing in the sand Showing Graybeard his drawings. He also took a risk of tracing in the sand . And he also took a huge risk by facing the Saxon. Tao hunted with Ram. Helps Volt from the mammoth. Facing Saxon to become cave painter Try's to show the clan his drawings. Defeats Saxon. Tao finds out volt is his dad. Becomes Cave painter Personification Metaphor You are like a stone!(42). For a moment it danced and flickered in the sunshine.(100) The valley was bathed in the golden glow of color.(31)
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