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African American History- The Middle Colonies

No description

Alaina Barnes

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of African American History- The Middle Colonies

By Richon, Andre, and Alaina The Middle Colonies The Middle Colonies - Between the Southern and New England colonies Indentured Servants - Skilled workers could work as Masons, Shipwrights, Goldsmiths, and Glaziers. Slavery and Religion - The Quakers and the Mennonites (Pennsylvania) were the main religions in the Middle Colonies.
- Both religions tried to convince people that owning other people, regardless of their skin color, was against God's law.
- In 1688, the Quakers in Germantown, PA declared the first official protest in North America.
- The Germans were appalled that Christians owned slaves.
- No resident of a German religious settlement (Quaker or Mennonite) ever took part in slavery. Treatment of the Slaves - Slaves in the Middle Colonies were treated just as badly as they were in the South.
- A graveyard for slaves was found in Manhattan in 1991 by construction workers.
- Bones were sent to Howard University in Washington D.C for further examination.
- Examinations showed that slaves were literally worked to death.
-Skeletons were found with skin abnormalities, broken bones and deformed muscles.
- Many skeletons were of children less than 6 months old which showed that some slaves lived very short lives. Slavery in the Middle Colonies - Consisted of: Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. - Slavery was permitted but not the center of the economy like it was in the South. - Economy was based on trade and manufacturing. - No plantations; Slaves worked in construction, factories and lumber camps. - Masons= shaped and placed stone for buildings.
- Shipwrights= built ships
-Goldsmiths= shaped and worked gold for jewelry
-Glaziers= shaped and placed glass for windows - Many objected slavery in the Middle Colonies.
Indentured Servants were preferred.
-Indentured Servants were people who were hired for a certain period of time in exchange for passage to a colony and a place to stay.
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