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christian burnett

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Finally Benefits: Job Description Christian's Goals -Focus on Hunter/Jumper disciplines
-Taking client horses to the next level: Short-Term Long-Term - Showing amature

- Working Student at top level barn

- Networking

- Training project horses Education/Training Requirements Personal Qualitfications - 12 years of riding experience (out of 18 years of being alive)
- Barn work/management experience
- Training/instructing experience
- Quiet Seat
- Passion and patience for "green" horses
- Creative
- Sticks like glue
- Doesn't panic
- Driven Job Market - Depends on location:
- Ocala, FL
- Wellington, FL
- New England area
- Lexington, KY

- Future depends on your own success in the show ring and ability to network and work hard Trainer/Professional Equestrain Starting
Gaining experience (green)
Upper Level
Fixing vices -Showing client horses at ranked shows/grand prix classes for money
-Earning money based on preformance
-Working with client horses at home barn - Trainer/Professional status

- Work for a privately owned barn
as a trainer/rider

- Show Grand Prix level (win)

- Show and train client horses

- Be successful enough to get invited to join the USA Olympic Team - Degrees are option, but available at a lot of Universities, or Equine oriented colleges such as:
- UT
- Meredith Manor

- Barns will take a resume of working with top notch trainers, and show at rated shows just as seriously as a degree

- Must be certified to instruct Benefits can range from none, to a house on the farm's property Salary: - Salary varies based on the type of training, the quality of the training, and the quantity of horses you train
- $65,000 to $100,000 +
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