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Samuel's AEGEE Motivation "Letter".

This is my motivation "letter" for AEGEE's Travel Summer University "4 seasons in 1 summer"

Sam LR

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Samuel's AEGEE Motivation "Letter".

A walk thorugh
my seasons Warning: it's very hard
to keep up with me! Now it's in your hands to make
my dream come true ;) When the new season comes bringing the carnival, got no trouble changing my skin... ...I can be the
perfect groom... ...or the perfect bride! And if a Polish wedding
comes up... It is incredible
Central Europe is unique
You MUST go and visit Deutschkurs I was brought up under the warm Spanish Sun... Last year, during my German lessons I felt the need to discover Poland and Germany, its culture, its people, its beer, its nightlife, its PARTY... All those staments made me green with envy... That's why I never run out of battery! ...responsible for my energetic and bubbly nature that I carry with me wherever I go... ... ...and totally blending in! When the night falls into the city... .... my day will have just begun. Samuel 19 Student Who am I? WHO AM I? WHo am I? Who am I? Natural selection has allowed me to survive in the wildest of the night! Wanna know more...? ...and so I let my imagiantion run wild. I dreamt of flying away... FOR ALL THESE REASONS I AM YOUR PERFECT CANDIDATE I
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