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World Hunger

A Small Study On A Very Important Global Issue

Amy Reano

on 15 September 2016

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Transcript of World Hunger

A Project By Amy R.
World Hunger is a huge problem. People can't just eat whenever they want like you can. It's a BIG problem, some people can't eat at all because of how much money they have or because their countries can't operate properly. All this isn't caused JUST by food shortage, but by the undernourished not having access. Not being accessed to food everyday like us, prevents children from growing naturally as we do, instead they develop slowly. Preventing them from having a normal life. Being hungry all the time also makes their immune systems weak and more vulnerable to diseases.
Why Its A Problem
Some 795 million people in the world are suffering this global issue.
United Nations: Food agriculture organization Est. 795M of the 7.3 Billion/ 1 in 9 (2014-2016)
Aproximately 11 million people undernourished in developing countries. 98% of hungry people live in developing countries.

How Many People Suffer
Some common causes of World Hunger Include:
Common Causes Of World Hunger
Some Countries That Suffer
Number Of Hungry People In The World
In General
What Causes World Hunger
Countries That Suffer World Hunger
Facts About World Hunger
What makes world hunger a problem
1. Hunger kills more people each year than AIDS, Malaria and tuberculosis combined.

2. In Sub-Saharan Africa 1 in every 4 people/23.2% of the population, are hungry.

3. The vast majority of people, 780/795 million people live in developing countries.

One of the greatest scandals today is the fact that approximately 1 billion people on the planet go to bed hungry every night.This is them (look down) suffering one of the biggest tragedies/horrors of life while others prefer to act this way (look up)
Thanks For Attending My Presentation On...
World Hunger
Websites Used
-Hunger Facts
-WFP (World Food Program) Hunger Statistics
-World Hunger Articles ca.searchnow.com
-World Hunger-The Hunger Project
& my own intellect/knowledge
Many countries suffer world hunger, Countries such as:

73.4% of the population is believed to be undernourished.Located between Rwanda, Republic of the Congo and Tanzania
33.4% of chad is undernourished. Located in Africa
33.4% of the population of Madagascar. Also located in Africa
There are much more Countries which suffer but, these are just 3
To solve a huge global issue like World hunger, you'll need a solution. We can help bring this solution by doing simple things such as:

Sustainable Food
(Helps people provide for themselves)
World Hunger
Not Wasting food
( Ex:Don't take more food then you can eat)
Donating To Food Banks
( Go to your nearby food bank and donate whatever you can whether it's a food or money donation.Anything can/will help.)
Access To Education
( It's a powerful weapon against poverty and hunger. It helps create new and improved lives.)
Urban Farming
(Most undernourished people live in a urban enviornment.This helps families to gain control of their own food source)
Poverty is the principal cause of world hunger. Caused Mostly because of poor people's lack of resources. As of 2015 (2011 statistics), World Food Bank estimated that there are over 1 billion poor people in developing countries who live on $1.25 or less, each day. About 2.2 billion people lived on less than what the US gives which is $2 in 2011. 17% of people in the "developing world" live/lived at or below $1.25 a day in 2011, down from 43% in 1990 and 52% in 1981. This compares to the F.A.O estimation that 791 million people are living/going through chronic undernourishment in developing countries. Progress has become slower during higher poverty lines. Progress in poverty reduction is concentrated on Asia, especially East Asia with that major improvement occurred in China. But unfortunately, in Sub-Saharan Africa, the number of people. suffering poverty has increased.
Climate Change
Climate change is another cause of world hunger. Natural Disasters such as floods, tropical storms and long periods of drought makes for some serious consequences for the hungry/poor in developing countries. Drought is one of the most common causes of food shortages in the world! In parts of Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia during 2011, drought caused crop failures and heavy livestock losses. In 2012 a similar situation occurred in the Sahel Region of West Africa.
Food Wastage
One third (1/3) of all food produced (1.3 billion tons) is never consumed. Food Wastage shows a missed opportunity to improve global food security in this world where 1/8 (one in 8) are hungry. Producing this food also wastes precious resources that we need for our planet. Producing this food also adds 3.3 billion tons of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere.
Food Wastage
Climate Change
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