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Commonbond Communities

No description

Audri Stringer

on 13 May 2014

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Transcript of Commonbond Communities

Commonbond was founded in 1971 by a group of nuns trying to bring everyone together. Some Commonbond's used to be courtrooms back in the 60's.
Commonbond Mission
Commonbond Communities By:Audri Stringer

Commonbond's mission is to build stable homes, strong futures, and vibrant communities.
Commonbond has completed major refinancing and rehab initiatives for our existing housing communities. Commnobond has self-sufficient places for residents to meet new poeple. Commonbond has updates for the community every month.
Work Cited
Commonbond has a multiracial, safe, and nurturing environment. Commonbond has very generous people in the community and also in the homes. Commonbond also brings people together by hosting potlucks, movie nights, babyshowers,etc.
Why is Commonbond important?
Commonbond is important and useful because it's the largest non-profit provider of affordable homes with service in the upper midwest. Commonbond combines affordable housing with Advantage Services to make a goal of helping achieve stability, advancement, and independence.
What Commonbond does to help
Commonbond provides home for people that are homeless, immigrants, refugees,people living with HIV/AIDS and multiple sclerosis. They also help people needing assisted living and memory care. They also have intensive career building for adults and after-school tutorial and enrichment programs designed to increase academic performance for children and teens.
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