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Passport to Manhood

No description

Jasmine N

on 20 August 2014

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Transcript of Passport to Manhood

Mentoring: Passport to Manhood & SMART Girls
To instill in boys a strong moral compass to guide them as they travel from adolescence to adulthood. Through a series of interactive sessions boys will practice life skills for
decision-making and will learn the essential attitudes, values, and skills they need to become a responsible adult male.

Mentoring Component
Mentoring may take place in a 1-on-1, peer, or group format

Possible areas of focus for mentors:

Character and leadership development (mentors provide youth with a vision of positive manhood)

Career exploration (exploring individual strengths)

Academic success (class assignments, HW help)

Life skills (decision making, goal setting, conflict resolution)

Desire Outcomes:
"Final Destination"
Foster in Club members:

A vision of qualities of positive manhood
An understanding of personal responsibility
A value in education & academic achievement
Healthy lifestyles and grooming practices
Enhanced self-respect and self-esteem
A strengthened ability to make
values-driven decisions
14 Interactive Sessions
2.Understanding Manhood
3.Self-esteem and Identity
4.Values in personal decision making
5.Academic Success
6.Healthy Lifestyles
7.Responses to Authority
8.Relationships with girls
9.Fatherhood and the Family
10.Employment and Careers
12.Cooperation and Conflict
13.Personal Leadership/ Community Responsibility

Each session comes with objectives, topics for discussion, personal challenges, and activities for the participants
Program Structure
Group orientation to acclimate mentors with an overview of the program (goals, purpose, etc.), outline the roles and responsibilities of mentors, review Club safety and security regulations, and discuss potential situations that may arise
Target Population
Male Club members ages 8-12 and 13-17
•10-15 members per age group at the start of the program
•Suggested ratios: 2-3 members per mentor, 10-15 mentors needed

May take place at the Club, the Mentors place of employment, or in the community
No less than 1 hour a week, possible 1 Saturday event per month with all participants.
Possibly held during elective hour
Passport to Manhood is built on three pillars:

1. Self and purpose (positive self-identity)

2. Importance of family (healthy families, responsibilities of fatherhood)

3. Leadership and responsibility to the community- As boys begin to explore the purpose for their lives their search for power can be transformed into a commitment to something GREATER such as unselfish service

Passport to Manhood
SMART Girls is an evidence based program developed to build a solid foundation for healthy attitudes and lifestyles in girls. SMART Girls provides girls with critical knowledge and skills in the following areas:
- Physical health and wellness
- Mental health
- Self-esteem
- Relationships

Program Structure
The SMART Girls curriculum is divided into 3 modules, ages 8-10,11-13 and 14-18. Each of these sections features a
three-part framework:

YOUR mind (self image, personal identity, mental health)
YOUR body (physical health/wellness)
YOUR community (building positive relationships)

Each module includes 10 sessions

Each session ranges from 30-90 minutes in length

SMART Girls receive journals and badge trackers to gauge their progress . Every session and activity is another opportunity to earn a badge.

Target Population
SMART Girls curriculum is targeted to ensure that girls get the right information and support at the RIGHT time.

Age 8-10-: The age when girls begin forming close bonds with peers and begin using reasoning rather than physical violence to solve problems

Age 11-13: The age when most girls reach puberty and begin to development their social identity and individuality

Age 14-18- The age when girls increase their independence and rely heavily on friends and peers for validation. Many use social media as a tool of social expression. Girls develop their sexual identity, begin goal setting and experience a need for altruistic/moral building behaviors

Mentoring Component
SMART Girls utilizes the "adopted older sister" approach to mentoring in which teen SMART Girls mentor younger counterparts (age 8-13)

Teen SMART girls unlock mentoring opportunities by earning badges

For example, the "Foodie" badge unlocks the opportunity to Host a mentor dinner

Long term

A SMART girl maintains a positive self image, practices good decision making regarding health and wellness and relationships


A SMART Girl exhibits high self esteem and confidence in
appearance, behavior and relationships, seeks proper healthcare, engage in/nurtures healthy relationships and encourages other girls to do the same.

Short term

A SMART Girl has an increased knowledge of the physiological and emotional changes of the female body, can distinguish sexual myths from truths and has accurate knowledge of a female’s sexual responsibilities, and has the communication skills necessary for managing conflict and developing healthy relationships

Desired Outcomes
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