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Themes in the House of Bernarda Alba

No description

Ryan Lee

on 26 January 2015

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Transcript of Themes in the House of Bernarda Alba

Social Class
Themes in the House of Bernarda Alba
Mini Quiz!
“Well, look for another, because you’ll need it. For the eight years of mourning, not a breath of air will get in this house from the street. We’ll act as if we sealed up doors and windows with bricks. That's what happened in my father's house-and in my grandfather's house.”-(Bernarda, Act I, pg.164)
-Social Class
“In this house you’ll do what I order. You can’t run with the story to your father any more. Needle and thread for women. Whiplash and mules for men. That’s the way it has to be for people who have certain obligations.”-(Bernarda, Act I, pg.165)
“No, no-I won’t hush. I don’t want to see these single women, longing for marriage, turning their hearts to dust; and I want to go to my home town. Bernarda, I want a man to get married to and be happy with!”-(Maria Josefa, Act I, pg.175)
“This is just the beginning. I’ve had strength enough to push myself forward-the spirit and looks you lack. I’ve seen death under this roof, and gone out to look for what was mine, what belonged to me.”-(Adela, Act III, pg.207)
(bursting out, crying with rage) “I will not get used to it! I can't be locked up. I don't want my skin to look like yours. I don't want my skin's whiteness lost in these rooms. Tomorrow I'm going to put on my green dress and go walking in the streets. I want to go out!”-(Adela, Act I,pg.173)
(Beating on the floor)“Don’t fool yourselves into thinking you’ll sway me. Until I go out of this house feet first I’ll give the orders for myself and for you!”-(Bernarda, Act I, pg.175)
“There won't be anything. I was born to have my eyes always open. Now I'll watch without closing them 'til I die.”-(Bernarda, Act II, pg.194)
“I let water run. The only consolation I’ve left is to take refuge in the church, but, since I’m losing my sight, I‘ll have to stop coming so the children won’t make fun of me.”-(Prudencia, Act III, pg.197)
“Women in church shouldn’t look at any man but the priest-and him only because he wears skirts. To turn your head is to be looking for the warmth of corduroy”-(Bernarda, Act I, pg.162)
Message: The church is used by society to hide the reason of their own actions.
List all 5 themes.
What is a corduroy?
Message: People disadvantaged by the social system should be sympathized with.
Thankyou for watching!
Tell me one idea you found interesting.
Who is the main oppressor
in this play?
"But Magdalena's right after all! Angustias has all her father's money; she's the only rich one in this house and that's why, now that Father's dead and the money will be divided, they're coming for her."-(Amelia, Act I, pg.172)
(She puts her hands to her throat) “May we never die like that!”-(La Poncia, Act III, pg.211)
“I don’t have any affection for any of you. I want to live in a decent house. I don’t want to be dirtied in my old age!.”-(La Poncia, Act II, pg.182)
"No, not I! Pepe, you're running now, alive,n the darkness, under the trees, but another day you'll fall. Cut her down! My daughter died a virgin. Take her to another room and dress her as though she were a virgin. No one will say anything about this! She died a virgin. Tell them, so that at dawn the bells will ring twice."-(Bernarda, Act III, pg.211)
“Is it decent for a woman of your class to be running after a man the day of her father’s funeral? Answer me! Whom were you looking at?”-(Bernarda, Act I, pg.166)
Message: People of society should question themselves whether to live life abiding limiting rules by society or to live a risky life, free from the cage.

Message: Oppression only causes people to become desperate, showing their ugly and unpleasant side.
Message: Understanding and being cautious of one's desires is essential to prevent it from becoming dangerous.
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