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Untitled Prezi

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zhaofu wang

on 1 June 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Hello,everyone! I am glad to share my hobbies and experience with you. continue... When I was in the
senior high school,once, my
classmate 's feet hurt and can't walk freely,I accompanied him and bought food for him everyday.Finally we became good friend. When I was a child, one day,
I play with my little friend by the river.He accidentally fell into the river.I saved him finally. When I was tried,
I can find something that relaxes myself— a game of cads, a puzzle,
someone to talk to on the phone, (if you talk with your boyfriend or girlfriend,
it works better.)
a pet — and focus on it for an hour each day.
Maybe for some people,eating can
solve any problem....LIKE THIS I also like party,especially with lots of friend. just chatting ,eating ,and playing with them, it is enough to strengthen your friendships. If you ask me,"What kind of fruit do you like?"I will answer"I like eating apple,apple and apple."because my father like apple best.I think hereditary factor decide this and I hope I can eat apples everyday. I like dogs and cats,they both are so cute and my family has both of them. They have accompanied me for a long time and they bring me a lot of happiness.
I like to sing although sometimes I sing out of tune.
When I was a person,I always fellow my music player and sing the songsSometimes.I also take part in the chorus competition . I like nature, and the
four seasons in every year,especially summer.
if I have a chance I will
go on a trip alone. I have traveled some place ,such as Weihai ,mount ,Tai and so on. My motto is: Where there is a will,
there is a way.
Don't give up anywhere and anytime,
nothing is impossible to a willing heart
and you should
believe this indeed. I remember my father
gave me the
first birthday gift abacus.
I still keep it and I will
go on,because it is an expression of father's love. That is all,
THANK YOU. hobbies experience
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