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Cascie Anna Powles

This is for you Cascie! ;)

Hannah Marie

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of Cascie Anna Powles

Why Cascie Anna Powles Is The Most Awesome Person In The World! Her best friends, Hannah Marie Anderson and Hannah Elizabeth Buckley are the second and third most awesome people in the world, therefore making her even more awesome! Her friends Many inside jokes are passed between both Hannah Anderson and Hannah Buckley. Some Of Which Include: Inside Jokes "I hate spooning!" -HMA "I was a black man drummer at one point in my life....So many things that I was not prepared for..." --CAP "Half Past Pussy" -CAP "Dirty Ronnie! *Flicks Ronnnie's poster on the wall* *Holds finger* I so didn't think that through..." --CAP "Poor Alex Garsicath...or whatever his name is....He's surrounded by really scary people....Like that Andy guy...." --CAP "BADAPDOS!!!" --HMA & CAP "Eagle GiantWood" --HMA "Seether always changes one word of their chorus! Those bastards!" --HMA Many other Jokes have been said, but those are all I can think of right now.... She's Uber Funny! She is a caring, compassionate person who kept up with Hannah even though she moved away...Kind of.... Lol.... Cascie is the bunny, Marie is the Wolf and Buckley is the Butterfly. =D She's My Bunny! Lol =) I'm now up in the "Keep Calm War" I just thought this one was neat. That Black Drummer.... CASCIE!!!! I'm sorry to say that this is the end of our adventure. I hope you enjoyed it. I love you Cascie! --HANNAH MARIE The End “Mah honey brutha Mutha in a tub-a-butta!” (Gangster Talk) --HMA & CAP “That stupid wolf…why does it have antlers!?” “Your cat sits on pretzels…”
--CAP “…Cordial Fruited Offer…”
--HMA “Angry Birds are
everywhere…” "You stopped the trend!" --HMA & CAP "CASCIE BOOTCAMP! =D" --HMA “The bus driver just threw them off the bus…into a random lake…ya know….Of Mice and Men dig that stuff….” --CAP "Just remember, if you're attacked, scream your own name!" --HMA & HEB Craig Mabbitt and His Daughter :) Craig.... Kellin.... Craig.... Craig....Anime Version... >.< THE END! =) I WANT ONE!!!! =D
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