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srbuhi terityan

on 17 March 2016

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Transcript of Snapchat

-The history of Snapchat

-How to use Snapchat

-What Snapchat has to offer
History of Snapchat
-Came out Summer,2011
-Created by 3 Stanford students
-First titled "Pictaboo"
-Started with127 users and escelated to1.55 billion
-Conflict rose after launch of app
How to use Snapchat
Creating an Account
After Downloading app:
-Enter Emai, creat password, enter birthday
-Create a username
-Add phone number (optional)
Adding Friends & Sending Snaps
Adding Friends
5 ways to add friends
-Add by username
-Add from phone contacts
-Add by snapcode
-Add nearby
-Share your username
Send Snaps
To send a snapchat:
- Take a picture or video
-Add a filter
- Send to friend(s) or share to story for all your friends to see
What Snapchat has to offer
-4 filters for pictures and videos
-4 ways to view videos
-New filters to distort your appearance
-Chatting and Videochatting section
-Snapchat changed the way we communicate
-As snapchat becomes more and more popular, it's an advantage to know the history of it, how to use it, and everything it has to offer.
Srbuhi Terityan
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