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All about me

No description

kathy hogwarts

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of All about me

All About ME! A prezi all about ME! All about me A-lot of people who know me think I am stubborn. For example; in my grade5 class we were talking about a very controversial issue with our society. I disagreed with all of my classmates opinions. Children from my class would approach me after school and try to change my mind, but I was too stubborn to see their point of view. Another trait that shows I am stubborn is how unwilling I am to conform. In many situations in my life an adult has told me to something in a certain way. An example of this is, when I was younger a teacher explained how we had to do a project. I wasn’t so keen on my teacher’s method, so, I decided to do it my way. I coloured it in and made it very artistic. My teacher was not happy. Also if someone tells me how to, for example: peel a banana, I will do the exact opposite thing! In short I am stubborn because of my unwillingness to do or think things like others want me to. I have to say being stubborn is quite handy! I am STUBBORN! Caring SCRABBLE This describes me perfectly
My friends think I’m a caring person. Firstly, they say I always think about others before myself. A friend of mine was being bullied by his classmates. When I heard about this I told the guidance counselor immediately. I ended up missing my lunch because I cared about helping him more than anything else. Another reason I’ve been told I am caring is my ability to empathize with others. For example: when I am hanging out with my friends and their younger siblings I make sure to include their little brother or sister in our conversation. I think about how it would feel to be in their shoes and if I would like being excluded. To sum it all up, it’s nice to know that my friends think I’m caring. When I was in grade 4 I had the opportunity to join a school Scrabble Club. At first I had no desire to join the club because I thought it wasn’t “cool”. Eventually I joined the Scrabble Club only because my friend wanted me to. We trained with a very intimidating world champion Scrabble player. After the first practice I had fallen in love. Suddenly all I wanted to talk about was Scrabble. Scrabble this and Scrabble that. Then my coach told me we would be going to a tournament at the end of the school year. I practiced night and day. I was so excited! When the tournament finally came around I was really nervous. Somehow I calmed myself down long enough to play three great games. My results were so good the next year I even got to go to a tournament in the U.S. On the whole, Scrabble is my favourite hobby. I’ve been playing it for years and plan to play it for many more! My first Scrabble tournament by kathleen hogan 8C
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