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The Titanic

The unsinkable ship

Evi Kuijpers

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of The Titanic

-1907: White Star Line presents Olympic, Titanic and Gigantic

-Titanic: 300 meters long, 30 meters wide, 75 meters high
- unsinkable
- May 31, 1911 titanic was let in the water 1. The building 2. The layout and
the decor 3. The first journey 4.The iceberg The unsinkable ship
that wasn't unsinkable The Titanic -1997: Titanic in the cinema
-Cost $200 million dollar
-Won 11 Oscars
-2012: 3d version 6. The movie 7. Research The Titanic 5.Passengers
and crew Captain Smith The unsinkable ship - Three different decks
- First class: like a luxury hotel with 6 decks and 28 cabins
- Second and third class had much lesser luxury 2 April: Titanic's Journey begins
11 April: Titanic starts to cross the ocean
14 April: Warning of ice 14 April: Titanic hits iceberg
15 April: Titanic begins to sink
15 April: first people are picked up
18 April: Survivors arrive in New York Passengers and Crew Statistics -1985: Robert Duane Ballard found the ship
- research with robots (AUV, ROV)
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