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Rosie Prior

on 24 April 2014

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Transcript of BRAINSTORM

Digital Natives
Technology and Teaching
Mum's Net Chats
Interviews and questionnaires.

- 143 Primary School Responses
- 204 Secondary School Responses

Aims &
- Understand the key characteristics, motives and need states of digital natives
- Investigate the education industry and how digital processes are currently being integrated
- Evaluate the extracurricular digital market
Secondary Research
Educational Gaming
Dissolving Boundaries
"How technology and increased digital consumption is effecting education and learning."
Interviews with teaching staff
Encourage Advocacy
& Stage 2

Create a new multi-channeled digital brand that is educational, interactive and rewarding.
Inform and inspire
Get Social
Interviews in Government
Tessa Munt
MP for Bath&Wells

Vince Cable
Business Minister
Digital Natives

- Children's digital usage is increasing year on year

- Collaboration between parents, students, teachers and technology is key.

- The traditional view of a classroom is changing and and children are more in control of their own learning.

- Digital natives are competitive, community focused and socially driven

- Education as an industry is an attractive market to businesses and is becoming increasingly mobile.

- Digital safety education is paramount

Mumsnet Chats
61 Responses
Ex Teacher, Governor of Hugh Sexey Middle School & childline Volunteer.
Abi Walker, Aged 10
Defining Characteristics
Digital Usage Habits
Kaiser Family Foundation, 702 participants, Ages 8-16.
Primary Research, 347 participants, Ages 8 - 16.
Primary Teaching Staff

Secondary Teaching Staff

Teaching assistants

Childhood Studies Student
Negative Impact
'The term digital native was originally used to describe the ‘new’ students of today that are all “native speakers” of the digital language of computers, video games and the Internet.'
'Social media's content only reflects who you interact with. Only have nice people, only see nice content.'
'Know all of her passwords, and which sites she visits and importantly, make sure all if her 'friends' really are who they claim to be.
Please don't underestimate the lengths people go to to groom children!'

- The psychology of social media and 'Facebook Depression'.

- Gaming addiction

There are so many new technologies out there, we have to embrace them to better ourselves and not be scared of them!
Parental Attitudes
Self Organized Learning Environment
Encouraging creativity
Allowing Personalisation
'It's becoming increasingly arduous to keep my class interested with just pen and paper for a full lesson, it just feels a little stagnant and almost like I'm not trying hard enough as a teacher.'

(Bloomfield: 2013)
Dissolving Boundaries
‘The modern classroom isn’t just the four walls, it’s a collaboration between parents, technology at home, global outlook and popular culture. We are moving away from just having a teacher that pours knowledge to a class of 30, children are more in control of their own learning.’
'With a mobile boom, learning games are a $1.5B market headed toward $2.3B by 2017 globally.'
Technology is:
- Dissolving boundaries
- Encouraging creativity
- Allowing higher levels of personalisation
- Educational Gaming

The bigger my classes get, the more difficult it is stretch the high achievers whilst still catering to the low retainers. You need different lesson plans to cater to different abilities.
- Used and trusted by over 10,000 schools world wide.
- Used both in school and out, weekly reports emailed to parents
- Strong reward system and phenomenal improvement rates.
Example: Mathletics
The mobile app industry is expected to generate $38B by 2015 with 80% of the top selling apps falling into the educational category.'
The App Industry
'Games are a great way of getting our students to use the internet productively. We use Mathletics at Shottermill and we really have seen vast improvements.'
Help me build a school in the cloud where children can embark on intellectual adventures by engaging with and collecting information online.'
George Stephenson High School
If he is resistant to your non-digital efforts maybe game programming would be something be would enjoy, but is also useful and productive. (Katamari:2013)
- Decreasing basic spelling and writing skills.

- Multitasking = Distraction?
Digital Native
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