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hustle rose

No description

Ellie Anderson

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of hustle rose

hustle rose gallery exhibition its a great view from up here, too... from a postal service song - such great heights
theme: the mountains
tying together inuit art, landscape, and snowboards.
try to bring awareness to the art and design of snowboard graphics.
target group: 16-35 many young people immerse
their life in the moutain live and
world of snowboarding.
more attention needs to be brought to
the love and appreciation of the mountains
and talented designers of snowboard decks
mission Hustle Rose Gallery is a non-profit gallery, which will research, collect, exhibit, and promote local and national art and artifacts. HRG will enrich the community with knowledge and perspective on its collections and exhibits, as well as promoting local art as a whole. admisson: between $7-$10
the budget needs to be finalized
before we set a price educational programming! Beginner Drawing Classes
Tuesdays @ 7-8:30pm (first Tuesday, and third Tuesday each month) $50/session
Supplies included
Instructor: Paul Freeman
Kids art days:
Saturdays running May-August – Ages 4-10 from 10am-2pm - $40/child
How to paint a landscape: Mountains
Dates to be determined, 3 classes - $125
Supplies will be needed
Instructor: Frank Haddock
Dream it, make it!
Drop in classes, first Wednesday of every month 7-9pm - $20-$30 (depending on media being explored)
Supplies included
Instructor will change each class
although my target group is younger audience (for this particular exhibition), a reach to the other target groups is a must because they are the regular visitors and memebers of the gallery. all snowboards were donated
by the company, as soon as we
showed interest in showing them
they were very happy to have exposure
in a gallery setting. evaluation Several forms of evaluation will be researched throughout the duration of all programming and exhibition runs. Different media coverage Number of people who become members Hits on website Feedback from program attendees Google alerts will be used on office computer (tracks number of mentions on the internet) Creation of a Facebook group, getting feedback and tracking members Daily gallery attendance (weekly, monthly and yearly – comparing numbers)
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