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Different Types of Menu

No description

Tes Ting

on 1 January 2014

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Transcript of Different Types of Menu

Different Types of Menu
- is a detailed list of food items that may be ordered or served. It varies depending on the kind on institution on how the food service is served.
Selective Menu
A menu that includes two or more food choices in each category such as appetizer, entrees, main courses, vegetables, salads, and desserts.
Limited or Semi-Selective Menu
This includes one or more food choices in at least one menu category.
Non-Selective Menu
A menu that offers no choice of food items
Table d'hote Menu
Offers a complete meal at a fixed price.
What are the kinds of menu?
Static Menu
A menu that is used each day such as a restaurant style menu
Cycle Menu
A set of menus carefully planned that is rotated at definite time intervals which could be weekly, monthly, or bimonthly etc
Single-Use Menu
This is specially planned and is used only once, usually for a holiday or catered event
This is a French word and means “Table of the Host”
A la Carte
Du jour Menu
The customers can select from an array of dishes that are always available. It offers a selection of items that are prepared by the kitchen as they ordered
This is a French word and means “According to the Card or Customer’s Order”
This type of menu can be offered together with other types of menu
Thank You!
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