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Neel Thanavala

on 23 February 2017

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Transcript of INDIA

Water is Life
What is Happening...
~India is running out of fresh water
as it has the second largest population in the world but only 4% of the water supply in the world.
~India has half the water supply even though Canada has it has 30 times the population.
~India is the third country in dire need of water in a continent running dry.
The Effect...
~1600 people are dieing of diarrhea alone every day in India.


~21% more diseases are caused in a country that is already dealing with an overflow of diseases and sicknesses.
~Bottled water prices have and continue to increase.
~Water is running out in a country that has almost a quarter of the world's population.
Why is this happening?
India experiences one of the largest rain fall amounts throughout the year(Monsoon season). It has a rich amount of rivers and streams and with that a very mild climate. But unfortunately this is not a problem caused by temperature or droughts or by nature. India's oversized population has put the hole country in a crisis. Along with poor laws, lack of water sanitation and lack of care India is now in a hole that is becoming harder and harder to climb out of.
What We can do to help
-You can donate because it is going to be a bigger help then you think. You can be saving lives!!!
- India not only produces a lot of sewage but only treats 20% of the massive amount. The sewage that is left untreated flows into rivers and reserves in the end.
-You can also help by donating a filter which will insure that the money is not used somewhere else.
- 13 out of the 20 dirtiest cities worldwide are all located in India.
- Smog from India effects greatly on crops, so much that it can feed 93 million people in India if it weren't for the pollution especially the amount of water to grow the crops.
Organizations :
Some Organization that supports India in Water Causes are:

Non Governmental Organizations:

-Water For People

-Central Water Commission

-Charity Water
The Water Battle
-You can start or join a campaign to give water to help countries in need.
-You can stop wasting water!!!

Did You Know:
- India only has 4% of the world's fresh water and some of it is polluted or contaminated, even so they have 16% of the worlds population as well.
- Yearly about 600,000 children die, overall because of contaminated or toxic water or due to poor hygiene.
- Approximately half of India's water supply of fresh water are all located in rural areas, and 70% of the population lives near them and it is contaminated daily by bacteria and toxic.
Where is India Heading?
-India is expected to be a seriously stressed water nation within 5 years.
-India at this point wasting water which they desperately need.
-India is beginning to enter a state where they will have to make a drastic move to get and conserve water.
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