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John G. Roberts

No description

Christopher Avila

on 14 September 2016

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Transcript of John G. Roberts

Inaugurated Barrack Obama, the first black president
Unanimously voted to be appointed by the senate to be in the court of appeals
Made deciding vote, 5-4, on the Affordable Care Act
Famous SCOTUS Ruling Decisions
Chief Justice Roberts decided that two police officers acted correctly when intervening on a fight in a household
The reason this case was so controversial was because he stated "An officer is not like a boxing (or hockey) referee, poised to stop a bout only if it becomes too one-sided" (Greenhouse).
Dissented on Obergefell v. Hodges
Works Cited
Roberts found his passion for legal issues while at Harvard University
He did acts as a clerk for the Supreme Court in 1980
He worked as the aide to the US Attorney General in 1982 (Toobin 67)
Robert was appointed Principle Deputy Solicitor General after appointment by George W. Bush
Robert was nominated Judge of U.S Court of Appeals in 2003 where he ascended to the position of Chief Justice in 2005 (Greenburg 89)

Causes and Concerns (cont.)
John G Roberts is the youngest Chief Justice in the history of the United States (Cross&Lindquist1730)
The Patient Protection and Affordable act won the majority of the votes courtesy of affirmation by the Chief Justice
He is also responsible for the administration of the Oath of Presidential Inauguration

Background and Early Upbringing
John G Roberts is a current serving Chief Justice in the United States
He was born on January 27th 1955 in Buffalo New York(OYEZ 1)
He attended a local elementary school and La Lumiere High School in Indiana
He showed sterling performance in academics and had prowess in co-curricular activities such as Music and Theater
He proceeded to Harvard University where he pursued becoming a Professor of Law(OYEZ 1)

John G. Roberts

Causes and Concerns
John G. Roberts has the opportunity to choose who decides the majority opinions on a ruling, in some cases, he drafts his own opinion (Greenhouse 32)
He has drafted impactful decisions in regard to issues such as the congress, abortion, and federal funding of colleges, among others
He promotes the conservative ideals
Issues such as same sex marriage have been such a bone of contention in the Judiciary System
He works on the principle that court exists to reaffirm and not create new laws (Cross &Lindquist 1723)

Associates and Mentors
Was mentored by William H. Rehnquist
Associate Consul to Ronald Reagan
President George W. Bush nominated him as Chief Justice
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Jessika Pires & Christopher Avila
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