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Welcome to Third Grade

No description

Marlo Dentice-Johnson

on 2 January 2018

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Transcript of Welcome to Third Grade

About Mrs. DJ...
*Grew up in Brookfield, WI
*Bachelors of Science degree in Elementary Education with minors in math and social studies from UWM.
*Master of Education-Professional Development from UW-LaCrosse.
*15th year teaching and 4th year teaching in Elmbrook.

Welcome to 3rd Grade!
Mrs. Dentice-Johnson and Mrs. Scheunemann
3rd grade - Room 235 and 233
denticem@elmbrookschools.org, scheunej@elmbrookschools.org
(262) 781-5280
FOSS Science
Investigations - Measurement, Rocks and Minerals and Electricity and Magnetism
Group projects
Social Studies:
Technology is integrated into all subjects:

Class Website
Math - DreamBox, BrainPop, Xtra math, thatquiz.org and ALEKS
Reading - Seesaw, Epic, Online books through district website
Science and Social Studies - Kahoot and Socrative
Writing - Google Docs, Seesaw
All Subjects - Google Classroom for Learner Profile and Goal Setting
Reader's Workshop:
Mini Lessons
Strategy Groups
Goal Writing
Learner Profiles
Writer's Workshop:
Writing Goal
Units of Study
Personal Narratives
Persuasive Essay
Baby Literary Essay
Fairy Tales
Words Their Way - Concepts will be communicated each week
Word Sorts and patterns with a weekly test
Keyboarding - Typing Agent
MSO Oct. 11
Nature Center - April
Halquist Quarry
Survive Alive
Discovery World

We will be implementing Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) in addition to our CARE (Community, Attitude, Respect, and Empathy) philosophy.
*Family - Cliff (my husband), Liam (2 yr. old), Paisley (1 month) and Snowball
*I love to go camping, to play sports, go to the gym and hang out with my friends and family.
PBIS focuses on setting common expectations which are followed in every area of the school. Our three expectations of Be Safe, Teamwork, and Be Responsible are clearly defined in the classrooms, hallways, bathrooms, lunch, playground, and assemblies.
STAR Time - Once a month all school STAR time
Mixed grade level groups
All students would be involved in the same lesson
All staff would be involved
Days/Times would rotate
Weekly classroom STAR time remains (3 of the 4 weeks a month)

We also have strategies in place to address situations when expected behavior is not demonstrated in a particular setting

Field Trips:
About Mrs. Scheunemann...
*Marquette University
*21st year in Elmbrook, but sixth at Burleigh
*Husband Steve
*Two children: Zack junior in high school
and Alie is in 8th grade
*Two labs, Dallas and Austin, cat Emmitt
*Volunteer for the Lab Connection Resue
*Reading, walking, spending time with friends and family
Personalized Learning
We use a workshop model for Literacy and Math which allows us to individualize instruction for all students
Students will set goals based on expected outcomes and measure their progress along the way.
Students utilize technology on a daily basis to access resources and meet their individual needs

Each grade level has a half hour time, four days per week, when students are grouped based on their specific needs. May focus on reading, writing, math, or behavior.
Some students may receive an intervention in an area that has been identified as a need. Others may participate in an extension activity.
Teachers meet weekly and use assessments to plan activities and monitor student progress. They then make changes to the groups or activities as necessary.

Fixed Mindset vs. Growth Mindset

Encourage students to take risks and not be afraid of failure.
We will focus on praising effort
Intelligence is not fixed, everyone can make growth.

Inclusive Practice...
Inclusion means educating all students, full time in general education settings, regardless of their needs or skill level. Inclusive practices involve the adaptation of classroom activities and structures to facilitate student access and engagement.

Closely aligned to state standards
Rigorous, coherent, engaging, and accessible to all learners
Focused on developing deep understanding of mathematical concepts, proficiency with key skills, and ability to solve complex and novel problems
Compliments our workshop framework of opening, mini lesson, work time, and reflection

What will you see:
Problem solving centered curriculum
Strong emphasis on the Standards for Mathematical Practice
Combination of whole group, small group, and independent activities

Key Components:
Problems and Investigations
Work Places
Number Corner
Home Connection (2-3 times per week-varies by grade and unit)

Team #1 Community Website:
Integrated into our Literacy.
Reading Units: Main ideas - nonfiction, Character Studies, Biographies, Reasearch about countries around the world

Kelly Hicks

Husband Tom
3 Sons - Ryan, Kyle and Aaron

Boys attended Elmbrook Schools.

Youngest is a senior at BEHS.

Substitute teaching at Elmbrook for 10 years.

Love to and read, travel, play tennis and watch my boys play sports.

Math Workshop
Mini Lesson
Work Places
Student Handbook
Homework 2-3 times a
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