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Case study: In Bruges

No description

Stephen Ratcliffe-Jones

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Case study: In Bruges

G322 Audiences and Institutions
Case study: In Bruges Lesson objectives Discuss the distribution, marketing and exhibitioning processes for a major British film release

Identify a range of marketing techniques used by the film industry in newspapers and magazines

Utilising The Numbers website, research specific facts and information about a range of movies. Production Marketing Distribution and
exhibition Blueprint Pictures
Graham Broadbent and Peter Czernin Worldwide: $33,394,440

$7,800,824 US
$25,593,616 Foreign 232 theaters 3,461 theaters Budget:
$15,000,000 The film value chain




Subscription TV

Terrestrial TV DVD Units Sold:186,542
Consumer Spending:$3,453,724 http://www.the-numbers.com/movies/2008/BRUGE.php Last week:

Avatar - production, exhibition, distribution and marketing

Danah Boyd - "building giant walls after planes were invented."

Film Value Chain

Box office mojo


http://ncalmedia.wordpress.com/ http://www.focusfeatures.com/focusfeatures/film/in_bruges Released:

18th April 2008 (UK) ARRI Lighting
ARRI Media
Ace Film Catering
Angel Studios
Angel Studios
Birds & Animals UK
Clearing House,
Framestore CFC
Gearbox Sound and Vision
Goldcrest Post Production London
Hackenbacker Audio Post Production
Hackenbacker Audio Post Production
Hothouse Music
Isobel Griffiths Limited
Lakeshore Records
London Session Orchestra
Midnight Transfer
Midnight Transfer
Movie Lot
Murphy PR
Pivotal Post
Sapex Scripts
UK Computamatch
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