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No description

Charlotte Phillips

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of bestival

Market Segmentation Product Place Price S.W.O.T
Analysis •Weather conditions Market segmentation identifies the needs and wants of certain customers, looking at particular sub-groups within the market. It suggests that consumers are not always a like and therefore different products are generated as a result of this. ‘Bestival is a loopy, eccentric final
hurrah for a summer packed full of festivals.’(Hunt, 2012) Strengths •Appeals to a wide
variety of customers •Increased Revenue
for the Isle of Wight •Expenses (artists fees) •Location •Bad Publicity Opportunity Threats Weaknesses •Economic Impact •Competition •Expansion •Theme: gives the festival a different appeal •Artist Promotion Political Economic Social Technological Isle of Wight Act lifted
(2002) Petition again the festival
from people on the Island Recession – increase in costs -
could spend the money elsewhere Different people like different things; may attract a certain crowd.

Role models – celebrity figures and fashion.
The market is dynamic an constantly changing.
Impact of rising unemployment
levels Social Media coverage May watch you tube footage rather than attend the festival ‘The price of a product is obviously an important bearing on its sales success. A product may be priced so high that it is beyond the reach of the targeted consumer.’ (Lathrop, 2003, p 31) The festival takes place every year at Robin Hill Country Park, on the Isle of Wight. Two hours from London One hour on a slow ferry from both Southampton and Portsmouth Conclusion Promotion Social Media Is not reliant on huge sponsorship deals; it is it's own brand Promotes itself on its previous years festivals Almroth-Wright, I., 2008. Bestival 2004: Friday review.[online]
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