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Sociology I


S Baker

on 11 January 2010

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Transcript of Sociology I

Sociology I The Origins of Sociology Agents of Sociology Social Interation Theory Groups McDonaldization Gender in Sociology Convenient, Efficient, Calculable, and Predictable Modeling of society similarly to McDonalds
Pros Cons Reliability of technology Convenience Less requirement of repetitive work or
manual labor Less social interaction More apt to be less physically fit Technological failure resulting in catastrophe - e.g. register not working and not
knowing how to count back change What This Means "What implications does this have for our society today and in the future?" The Future Now Products are cheaper Products are less personalized Categorization of life & aspects of life Conformity encouraged for efficiency Two Possibilities: Continuation of Pattern Pattern Pendulum The trends we are seeing today from McDonaldization could very well continue to the point that the Wall-E society could become the norm. The patterns we see of pushes for efficiency , convinience, calculability, and predictability could become more extreme, possibly to the point of a mild social revolution, similar to a pendulum stopping and swinging the opposite way. This is somewhat similiar to Amish society.
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