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product life cycle of duct tape

No description

Tamia Hamm

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of product life cycle of duct tape

By: Tamia Hamm and Carl Fortunato The Product Life Cycle of Duct Tape Design Duct tape was invented by the military during WWII.
The reason why the made the duct tape because they
needed to prevent moisture from getting into the
ammunition boxes. They named it duct tape because
the tape 'shed' water like a duck. Also the duct tape is kind
of like webbed feet of a duck. Material Acquisition Raw Materials Used
. cotton
. polyethylene coating
. adhesive
Extraction Process of the Raw Materials Used
. cotton is pulled out of plants
. get polyethylene coating from process carbon
. adhesive made from rubber objects Materials Processing 1) Adhesive is mixed in a mixer and heated.
2) Rubber is in a pellet form and mix until melted.
3) Other materials are added so it will be thickened,
but smooth enough to put in a holding tank.
4) Adhesive and cloth join together through rollers
5) Then the cloth is put in a coating machine
6) The roller that has a adhesive joins with the third
7) The polythene is then put to the rollers and
attached to the cotton and adhesive. Manufacturing When the Duct tape is done, it's kept in a storage
rolls that is 5 wide & 3 ft. diameter. Then, cut to
proper size and made to singular rolls. Packaging Wrapped in singular packages or packages i three
Packages are packed in boxes and are ready for
shipping Recycling, Reuse, and Dispose Duct Tapes last long times, but unglues eventually.
It can't be recycled or reused for it's glue wears out,
and it will not be useful anymore for anything. It
actually ends up in landfills. Distribution Duct tape are distributed through trucks, boats, and then sold in stores. Almost 7,000 ton of duct tape are sold every year. That is almost 1.6 billion feat of duct tape . Use . keeps things together
. make impressive arts and crafts like wallets and
flowers just with duct tape.
. make clothes
. get rid of warts
. prevent shattering during storms

there is a word of possibilities with duct tape
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