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Feedback & Marking

No description

L Edwards

on 25 February 2014

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Transcript of Feedback & Marking

Feedback & Marking
Improving Feedback & Marking

Improving Peer Assessment

(SOLO Taxonomy)

Developing Peer & Self Assessment
Improving peer & self assessment using critique
- Ron Berger 'An Ethic of Excellence'
- Teaching students to give critique that is
SOLO Taxonomy
SOLO Taxonomy
Makes progress visible...
Importance of feedback?
Professor John Hattie - Visible Learning: A Synthesis of Over 800 Meta-Analyses Relating To Achievement
Linking to key words
in exam questions
Peer feedback
Making Feedback Effective for Students AND US!
1. What do you well in your departments?

2. What could you improve?

3. Look through the strategies, discuss pros and cons

3. Is there anything useful you could/will try?
Next steps...
Students must respond to your feedback in GREEN pen


Try something new...& share your successes (& failures)
Feedback Effect Size = 0.73-1.13
Analysed over 50,000 research studies; 240million students
Geoff Petty = 0.50 = 1 GCSE Grade

Education Endowment Foundation - pupils receiving high quality feedback make, on average, 8 months more progress over the course of a year compared to another class of pupils performing at the same level at the start of the year.

(from Feedback & Marking
Robert Powell
I need to mark smarter

I want the students to actually read and act on feedback
Accept I can't mark everything!
More peer & self assessment - & marking for a specific purpose
Focus on drafting & redrafting to improve quality of work
Green Pens for responding to feedback
Time in lesson or HW to act on feedback
Verbal feedback stamp
Traffic Light boxes
SOLO Taxonomy

To share good practice with colleagues
To leave with some ideas about how you could improve feedback in your subject
To try at least one new idea

Ineffective feedback...
"Improve your work"
"Put more effort in"
"Careless work"
"Be more organised"
"You misunderstood"
"Pay more attention in class"
"Expand your ideas"
"Write in more detail"
"Remember your grammar"
"Organise your work "
"Good work"
"Well done"
"Good effort"
Doesn't always require new resources to be made...
Easy to share success criteria
Oh and then there's
“Inspectors must spend as much time as possible gathering evidence on teaching and learning, observing lessons, scrutinising work (including in pupils’ books and writing), talking to pupils about their work, gauging their understanding and their engagement in learning, and obtaining pupils’ perceptions of typical teaching.
"What inspections are looking for is that there is high quality feedback which crucially is acted on by the student or pupil. Too often what we see is feedback without any response. So, how can it be moving learning forward? The kid has ignored it, not because they can't be bothered, but because they haven’t been expected to."

"So, to sketch out what kind of marking makes a difference to learning and is also reasonable, practical and leaves enough time for the teacher to go have a life outside of school. For starters, it is better to think of it as feedback. In other words, a conversation with the child about what they have done well and what they need to do to improve"
Mary Myatt - "Should I be marking every piece of work?"
What makes good feedback?
What issues do you have with peer & self assessment?
Great work!
LOL! xx :-) xx
Could do better
Learn to read!
Thank you!
Types of feedback...
Verbal & Written feedback from teachers to students
Students to teachers
Peer assessment
Self assessment
Where are you now?

Where are you going?

How will you get there?
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