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Impact of heat stress in local dairy herds

No description

Alex Souza

on 27 March 2015

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Transcript of Impact of heat stress in local dairy herds

% milk protein record low in summer!
Still suffer the effects of heat stress
Watch time standing and feet problems
What about milk production & components?
Health parameters when summer hits
Heifers doing any better?
Poor cooling:
Poor cooling:
Friday, April 4, 2014
UCCE, No. 407-B
DHIA: Summer, urgent matter
Sharp drop in fertility during summer
Is cooling really worth it!
Return to investment
Souza & Silva - in progress
Summer ahead
get ready!

- Drop in SR and CR
- Loss in milk production
- Drop in milk components
- Greater SCC
- Metabolic problems, feet problems...death
- Under performing calves and heifers...
Impact of heat stress in local dairy herds
Alex Souza, DVM PhD
Dairy Advisor
UC Cooperative Extension
Impact of heat stress in local dairy herds
DC305 records: fried eggs!
CA-herds with CR below 20% in summer
Herd poor cooling
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