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NCON Try 1

Management 490C This Prezi Presentation is to be presented on 4/23.

Rainie Dexter

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of NCON Try 1

planning MGT490C NCON Info Strategic
Planning Strengths
by: Group 2 BALDRIDGE Criteria conclusion / Analysis Nightingale College of
Nursing Case Study Autonomous unit of Central Texas University

Accredited since 1954 Locations
San Antonio
On Campus & Online School Work

Bachelors of Science
Masters of Science
Doctor of Nursing Practice

What is Strategic Planning 1) How does your organization conduct its strategic planning? What are they key process steps? Who are your key participants?

2) How do you ensure that strategic planning address your organizations strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats ect..?

Weaknesses 2.1a(1) - Strategic Challenges
- Strategic Advantages 2.1a(2) - Zero demonstration concerning indicators for major shifts within:
- Technology
- Markets
- Products
- Customer Preferences
- Competition
- Regulatory Environment 2.1b(2) - Vague objectives concerning how NCON would achieve:
- Financial Health
- Reputation as an Education Provider
- Reputation for Pragmatic Excellence 2.2 - Zero indication concerning changing environment
- Improvements & Innovation Addresses strategic and action planning, deployment of plans, how plans are changed if neccessary, and how accomplishments are measured and sustained. " " Customer Driven Quality Improvement in Operational Performance Build Operational Capability Organizational & Personal Learning Kris Lyons
Kyle Anderson
Raine Dexter
Earl Russel
Chris MacInnes
Adam Glickstein - Customer Satisfaction
- Customer Retention
- Customer Loyalty
- Grabbing New Markets
- Market Share FOCUS Promotes Long term productivity growth Short term productivity growth And& speed
flexibility Includes: Necessary in today’s changing, fast paced environment

Improvement and learning need to be embedded in work processes
APPROACH - Methods
- Appropriateness
- Effectiveness
- Degree of Repeatability DEPLOYMENT - Approach is applied
- Approach is applied consistently
- Approach is executed LEARNING - Refining approach
- Encouraging breakthrough
- Sharing refinements INTEGRATION - Alignment of approach
- Synergy
- Harmonization GRADE 70% STRATEGY DEVELOPMENT PROCESS Indicators shifts in technology, markets, products and customer preferences.
Long-term organizational sustainability
Ability to execute the strategic plan
(continued) Key Strategic Objectives
Timeline Most Important Goals How do strategic objectives address: Strategic challenges, Advantages,
Short and long term Challenges & opportunities, Stakeholders Annual evaluation of NCON's
Mission, Vision, and Values. Strengths within the Seven Step Process: Situational analysis receives input from
Nursing Professionals Administrative Council Budget Planning incorporated
into Strategic Planning Process Strategic Challenges
Enrollment Growth
Financial Viability
Increasing Workforce

Fiscal Strength
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