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judely henriquez

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of ENVIROMENT

Negative Aside Affects
Presentation By:
Katelyn Stefaniak
Judely Henriquez
Katie Cossar

Biodegradable Wrappers
Organize a
Trash Pickup Day
Some groups who might help with a cleanup are:
Non-Profit Organizations
Youth Groups
General Public
Misdemeanor. Imprisonment not more than one year and fine not greater than $2,000; or, at court's discretion, conviction may require time spent cleaning up at area littering occurred.
Some Supplies you may need:
Trash Bags
Safetey Signs
Safety Vests
First Aid Supplies
A good plan will help you group set a direction and document the steps you need to take to get things done efficiently.
Building a Team:
Remember letters work well, but personal contact is the best way to build your team and secure the needed resources for the job.
Health Issues
Environment Issues
Having a unclean environment will caused yellow fever, worms, gastrointestinal parasites, it can also cause various of other diseases including
Health Issues
Advertisement/ Promotion
Distribute flyers to local businesses.
Inform neighbors about your trash pickup day
Post on a local website about the event.
Ask the newspaper to advertise
Environment Issues
If carbon dioxide gets in the water, what will happen is a larger amount of carbon dioxide enters the clouds, which make is acid rain, its mixed elements, and it will kill plants, pollute water, and erode stonework.
Consequences for littering in
New Hampshire
Toxic waste materials can contaminate surface water, groundwater, soil and air which causes more problems for humans, other spices and ecosystem.
Consequences for littering in
Fine of not more than $5,500 for the first offense and not to exceed $15,000 for each subsequent offense.
plants, animals, insects will be paying the consequences as well
Compare &

A Citizen who cares about picking up trash vs. A Citizen who doesn't care about picking up trash.
Do you think trash is harmful?
Yes, because her kids pick up the trash on the ground & she scared that of the diseases consumption
Do you think trash is harmful?
Yes. When plastic builds up in the ocean it directly effects the animals and kills off the wild life. If the environment doesn't have the animals to populate it then it effects the ecosystem in a negative way.
Do you Recycle?
Yes. Bottles, plastic, paper, everything basically.
What is our biggest environmental issue?
Do you Recycle?
NO!! because she saw trash men not recycling trash property.
Global warming is a big issue. It has become more of a problem since I was younger. The amount of plastic building up is also a problem. If our state had a cash reward and a fine to pay for excess trash then it would encourage citizens to recycle more and use less garbage.
Do you believe global warming is and immediate threat or that it wont really effect us for another century or so?
Do you believe global warning is an immediate threat or that it wont really affect us for another century or so?
So, people who don't take to consideration, it maybe so that it will affect us in the long run.
It is immediate. The weather is directly effected by how much we as a community contribute to global warming.
Derrick Craigie
What is our biggest environmental issue?
Littering: throwing stuff out the window while driving.

How often do you pick up trash?
Not often!!! I guess some day :(
Many candy companies have trimmed their packaging, but when it comes to foil they still end up in landfills.
A new line of Ananda dark chocolate bars from Amigos International replaces foil wrappers with compostable NatureFlex NK Material.
The NK material is a clear film that keeps out moisture. Nature flex is made from wood pulp cellulose and is certified to European and American Standards for composting in home and industrial settings
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