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Students will search for information to get them familiar with the importance of the Middle Ages.

Brandon Dougherty

on 24 May 2013

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THE MIDDLE AGES What continent did the Middle Ages period take place? What Church became extremely powerful during the Middle Ages? What was the name of the major religious wars of this period? Who fought in these religious wars? What disease devastated the population of Europe during this time? BIG QUESTION CHALLENGE: WHAT CAUSED THIS DEVASTATING DISEASE? What period during this time was famous for its "art" and "expression"? What was the government, economic, political, and social system of the Middle Ages? What invention "TOTALLY" changed the way we make copies for things? BIG QUESTION CHALLENGE: WHY WAS THIS PERIOD A TIME OF CHIVALRY? Guttenberg, Printing Press, Bible Machiaveli, Politics, Nations Europe 476-1400's ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH Knights had a code of loyalty and service. They also were courteous to ladies of the court like bowing to them, opening doors, laying blankets down over puddles of water so they could walk over them without getting muddy or wet. It was just their way of being NICE GUYS :} THE BLACK PLAGUE THE CRUSADES THE RENAISSANCE
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