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WNU trip

presentation to work on trip

Duncan Kemp

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of WNU trip

Summer Institute Week 1 - Julich (Germany) and COVRA (Holland)
Week 2 - WNU Global overview
Week 3 - WNU Nuclear Industry
Week 4 - WNU Technical Tour (Sweden)
Week 5 - WNU Security, Safety, Safeguards
Week 6 - WNU Communications, Law, Economics
Week 7 - WNU Setting up Nuclear Programs
Week 8 - PSI and Zwilag (Switzerland) Overview of Trip Research Reactors
Waste Processing
Quality Assurance Forschungszentrum Jülich Waste Management
Waste Processing
Artwork COVRA Long term plan
Fit to one waste form
100 y plan Research Reactors
Low/Intermediate level waste Paul Scherrer Institut regulatory issues
demarkation Waste storage
Remote controlled Zwilag NPP run
Expensive Clab- Spent fuel storage
Aspo Hard Rock Laboratory
Studsvik waste processing
Hot cell laboratory
Training centre
Forsmark NPP
Low Level Waste repository Sweden What is it?
Is it worth it?
Lessons to share World Nuclear University Site Visit - Fulham
Fusion Centre Leadership Technical Competence Regulator Issues
Lack of Disposal
Waste Repackaging
Gov't Decisions http://www.skb.se/Templates/Standard____25485.aspx http://www.skb.se/default____24417.aspx http://www.skb.se/Templates/Standard____25506.aspx http://www.skb.se/Templates/Standard____23239.aspx
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