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Thinking Maps and the Common Core State Standards

A resource for MUSD parents on how Thinking Maps support the deeper understanding required of the Common Core State Standards. This presentation was given at MUSD's 2014 Parent University.

Jackie Vo Felbinger

on 16 February 2014

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Transcript of Thinking Maps and the Common Core State Standards

Dr. Sheila Murphy-Brewer, Principal, Pomeroy
Dr. Jackie Vo-Felbinger, Principal, Curtner
Key Instructional Shifts of the
Common Core State Standards
English Language Arts/Literacy
Building knowledge through
content-rich nonfiction
and informational texts
Thinking Maps
Common Core State Standards
Big Idea: Thinking Maps provide students with the scaffolds and structures to support the deeper level of understanding needed to meet the Common Core State Standards.
Reading and writing
grounded in evidence from text
Regular practice with
complex text and
its academic vocabulary
Focus strongly where
the standards focus
Coherence: think across grades,
and link to major topics
within grades
Rigor: require conceptual understanding, procedural skill and fluency,
and application with intensity
Parent University 2014:
Thinking Maps and the Common Core

Taking the Thinking to Writing:
Rigor and Relevance
Thank you for coming!
Do you have any questions?
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