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alyssa fellhoelter

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of Everlost

By Neal Shusterman

1. Theme: Destruction of Distopia
"With the zeppelin coming in for landing, and the last of the children vanishing from the fountain, Nick put his hands in his pockets and left...(Shusterman 310).
I chose this quote because it shows how Nick began the first phase of the distopia Mary called utopia. This quote also shows how effortless it was for Nick to ruin all the lies Mary had worked so hard on making.
2. Theme: Social Castes
"That had earned him a special place. A place of trust and responsibility..."(Shusterman 321).
Ichose this quote because it shows ho Mary distinguishes between people and how she chooses who is worthy of her trust and good graces. Only people who follow her every order without question and who trust he blindly are the people who she smiles upon.
3. Theme: Realization of the Current Situation and Breaks Mind Control
"That's when an understanding began to come to Nick,-an understanding Nick instinctively knew was the tip of something very big and very important..."(Shusterman 293).
I chose this quote because it shows the turning point where Nick realizes that Mary's utopia is actualy corrupt with her own self interest. It is also when Nick decides that he must do something to stop Mary.
4. Theme: Complicity and Rebellion
"Mary says there are things we shouldn't think about, and shouldn't do...I choose to talk about those things we shouldn't..."(Shusterman 107).
I chose this quote because it shows how the speaker has a strong sense of independence, which they use to break away from oppressive authority.
In the beginning of the story, Allie and Nick are in different cars that partake in a fatal crash. The two children don't make it through and are speeding through a tunnel towards a light. They accidentaly bump into each other and get knocked into a mysterious world between life and death, called Everlost. They meet a friend who tells them all he knows and teaches them how to survive in this new world. They are taken to New York City, where they meet the queen of the realm, Mary Hightower. They are encouraged to stay, but Allie soon gets restless and questions Mary's authority. She begins to seek new knowledge of the world around her, and soon meets another ghost who possesses certain talents she wishes to develop herself. Nick begins to have feelings for Mary, but is captured by an unsavory type of spirit. When Mary refuses to help Allie rescue him, Allie herself becomes captured by another monster entirely. Allie then has to escape alone as well as save her friends from a certain distressing eternity. She devises a plan, and in the end, finds help in an unlikely place. Together, Allie and Nick escape and go to confront Mary, who reveals a stunning secret that changes the lives of many. Nick then decides to put aside his love for Mary in order to save all the children she has collected in Everlost.
Literary Devices
1. Setting: "On a hairpin turn, above the dead forest, on no day in particular, a white Toyota crashed into a black Mercedes..."(Shusterman 3).
This quote gives the reader an understanding of the backdrop of scenery in the story.
2. Imagery: "One was a girl with pretty blonde hair, the other a boy who kind of looked Chinese, except for his nose and his reddish-brown hair"(Shusterman 7).
this gives a specific visual to the reader of how Nick and Allie look.
3. Simile: "Half of the time she woke up with the sheets tugged off the mattress and wrapped around her like a python"(Shusterman 7).
this represents a simile because it is comparing Allie's sheets to a deadly snake.
4. Flashback: "... and then it came all crashing back to her with a fury..."(Shusterman 9).
Allie couldn't remember how the arrived in the forest until she had a flashback of the fatal car collision.
5. Personification: "Leaves poked through the pavement, lush and green to their eyes, eternally unaffected by the changing of the seasons"(Shusterman 48).
This is showing personification because the leaves are given the ability to poke, even though they don't have fingers.
1.Quest: "But on the way to the light, she hit something that sent her flying off course...she grabbed at it...someone about her size who smelled distinctly of chocolate."(Shusterman 4).
This quote is talking about how Allie and Nick first meet on their quest to reach the light on the other side.
2. Knowledge: "Nick instinctively sensed that going home wouldn't be a good idea, but just like Allie, he wanted to go home"(Shusterman 31).
Even though Allie and Nick lomged to go home, Nick knew it was not safe without being told so.
3. Outcast: "Allie was alone in an elevator...when a human skeleton got in on the ninety-eighth floor...Allie quickly realized who it was...there were two kids here who had the misfortune of crossing on Halloween, this kid and another with green face-paint and fake peeling skin. Everyone called them Skully and Molder"(Shusterman ).
These two children stand as outcasts for the rest of their lives in Everlost because of the way they look. Other children make fun of them because they are scared of the way they look.
4. The Journey: "You see, adults being the way they are, never get lost on the way to the light, no matter how hard they get bumped, simply because adults always think they know exactly where they are going, even if they don't, so they all wind up going somewhere"(Shusterman 93).
This quote represents a journey because it tells the reader about the path a soul must follow to get to the other side, and what happens if the get knocked off course.
5. The Initiation: "I love you Mary, but there are things i have to do, even if you won't...and he turned to leave"(Shusterman 255).
This quote shows that even though Nick loves Mary, he realizes that it is better for him to walk away from her if she won't help him.
1. Truth vs. Happiness: A young child might find happiness during Christmas time because they expect a jolly fat man to deliver them presents for being good all year. However, the truth is that their parents are the ones who give them gifts instead of Santa. This relates to the novel Everlost, when Nick and Allie discover the harsh truth of their deaths.
2. Distopia Under the Facade of Utopia: This describes something that seems like a good idea at first when you think about it, but ends up having fatal flaws. For example, Covered California seemed great at first, but had bad consequences in the end. Originally, this this was an insurance program that provided free coverage to anyone in California without health care. It was later discovered that doctors and hospitals would not take Covered California as acceptable insurance, so the patient ended up paying their medical bill out-of-pocket. doctors won't take this insurance because they don't get paid enough by the company to make treating the patient cost effective.
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