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US History: Chapter 1 Section 4: European Societies Around 1

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Mike Jones

on 6 September 2013

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Transcript of US History: Chapter 1 Section 4: European Societies Around 1

US History: Chapter 1 Section 4: European Societies Around 1492
European Social Order
-Communities based on hierarchy- based on rank
- Monarchs & Nobles held most wealth & power
- Peasants- majority, on bottom
- Most stayed where they were born
- Artisans & merchants able to move- created & traded goods for money
- Life centered around nuclear family- mom, dad, kids
- Gender determined jobs. Men- labor, women-kids and household chores
Christianity Shapes European Outlook
Roman Catholic Church- dominant religious institution. Leader- Pope- lots of power- political & spiritual
- Call to convert others spurred Europe to reach out beyond borders to to defend & spread faith

Crusades- 1096-1270- series of military expeditions in Middle East to spread Christianity
- Failed to rescue Holy Lands but had 3 consequences
1. Sparked increase in trade
2. Weakened power of European nobles- allowed monarchs to sponsor overseas exploration to increase wealth & power
3. Shrunk power of Pope
Disagreements over church authority in part led to Reformation in 1500's- divided Christianity between Catholicism &
Change Comes to Europe
Start of 1400's- European societies still recovering from disasters
- 1314-1316- heavy rain/disease killed crops & livestock- peasants died
- 1340's- series of plagues killed 25 mil
Crusades open up Asian trade routes- new luxuries- silk, procelain, tea, rugs

By late 1400's- four major Western European nations taking shape-Portugal, Spain, France, & England

Renasissance- spread of new ideas and ways of thinking. Encouraged people to think of themselves as individuals, to have confidenc in human capabilities, & to seek fame through achievements.
The Renaissance
Detail 4
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