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Margaret Preston

Contributions to Australian society

Camila Sanchez

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of Margaret Preston

Margaret Preston Contributions to Australian
Society Artistic Career Legacy Conclusion Impact on Society Death Australian Paintings During WWI Early Paintings In Europe Birth & Family Picture of Margaret Preston Schooling Early Life Margaret Rose McPherson was born in
Adelaide on the 29th of April, 1875.

She was the eldest of two daughters.

Her father, David McPherson, was a marine
engineer who in 1894, was admitted to an Adelaide mental hospital.

There is not much known about her mother but
her name was Prudence Cleverdon. Margaret first wanted to be an artist at
the age of 12 because on a visit to the
NSW Art Gallery, she stated the the 'art
gallery floor smelt nice'.

When she was 13 she was enrolled in art
classes under William Lister Lister. Margaret went to Europe to show her art to
the world.

She did not like Europe but did learn a few things like: linear design, boldness, striden colour, distortion and broad brush work. Margaret helped the war effort by setting up
pottery works for shell-shocked soldiers. She was truly an amazing person.


:) Not only portrayed Australia as a beautiful landscape.

Portrayed Australia from an Aboriginal perspective.

One of the first non-Indigenous Australian to do Aboriginal art. Margaret Preston died in 1963 in Sydney. She was 88 years old.
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