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Compressed Fractures Of The Spine

No description

faith hodges

on 30 November 2013

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Transcript of Compressed Fractures Of The Spine

Compressed Fractures Of The Thoracic Spine
BY: Faith Hodges

Step 2
The pain would be so bad that I wouldn't be able to sleep at night.
I could only lay on my back and I couldn't move bc if you move then you could become paralyzed
Can't bend your back
Can't sit up on your own for a long time bc your back gives out
Bed rest for 5 months
Takes 6 months to year to heal up completely
Had to have back x-rays every visit and had a MRI
Step 3
Compressed fracture looks like a smash coke can
lose height
I was actually 5 ft without shoes on and now I'm 4'11 without shoes on
Sometimes you have to have back surgery to fuse the bones back together
Spasms, nerve pain, & arthritis
Hurts when you stand up or sit on hard floor
Cost $1,200 for ambulance to pick me up
Doctor visits around $10,000 once a week for 5 months
MRI, CAT SCAN $20,000
Medicines $1,000
Back brace $2,000
Not including all the gas and traveling
My bother and I was playing and he picked me up above his head and I fell 8ft.
I landed flat on my butt and it sounded like a gun shot when it popped.
I have collapsed lung
Compressed my T8,T9,& T10
I had severe bruising on the ribs

Back Brace:
Stables your back and wont allow you to move
neck piece help mobilize to move the bones in your neck
side of the brace helps you not to move your hips
The back where the circle helps to keep your spine in line
Taking care:
Help me get up and sit up
Getting dressed & baths
Tote everything bc you can't pick up on heavy stuff
Compressed Fracture
Back Brace
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