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Constellation Project

The prezi for my Constellation Project.

Trent Hillier

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Constellation Project

ORION Star Chart Orion Nebula 4.0, orange, 4,000, 1600 LT
Saiph 2.06, yellow-white, 7,500, 720LT Orion was thought to be a great hunter and
the most beautiful man in the greek mythology.
He was very egotistic and began to brag and say
that he had total control over all living animals, the gods had gotten angry with him and sent scorpius, the giant scorpian to go and kill him. After Scorpius had went and killed him, one of Orion's most great admirers had went to the gods and asked them to put him in the sky to remember him by. The gods said they would, only if Scorpius would be there to remind him of the bad things of being a braggart. One of his dying breaths said that he did not want to be put in the sky with Scorpius, so Orion is mainly seen in the winter with reign of the skies, while in the summer Scorpius is mainly seen with reign of the skies. Mintaka 2.25, blue-white, 9,000, 916 LT Alnitak 1.70, blue-white, 9,000,800LT Orion is a winter constellation best seen in winter. Orion is a constellation of a hunter that is known in Greek mythology as Orion. The constellation includes many well known stars and bright stars. The constellation is best seen in the winter while in the summer Scorpius dominates the sky. The constellation is in Greek Mythology. Canis Major Lepus Eridanus Star Magnatude,color,surface temp.
Distance from Earth
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