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Leadership Heptathlon

No description

Ararna Limited

on 7 October 2014

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Transcript of Leadership Heptathlon

Leadership Heptathlon

Over the course of the programme delegates will be encouraged to discuss and debate solutions to core business challenges, leading the organisation forwards in order to ultimately maximise profitability
A launch session will set the tone
of the programme, providing delegates with the opportunity for reflection before embarking upon their journey towards self-actualisation
as leaders
The high impact 90 minute sessions are designed to work around and complement current business activity, rather than detract from core tasks. Thus, making the programme a cost effective solution in maximising productivity

The programme aims to cultivate a
collaborative and impactful leadership team or board, united in driving the organisation
Our heptathlon programme
consists of seven high impact
training sessions to enhance
leadership capability

Each 90 minute session is
centred on a leadership challenge
pertinent to your organisation,
tailored to both the culture of
your business and the fields in
which you operate
These challenges
will be explored in a
creative manner,
encouraging a high degree
of interaction and participation
1. Defining the role of the leader
2. Study of high performing teams
3. Action centred leadership
4. Driving efficiencies
5. Process reengineering
6. Leading change
7. A systems thinking approach
Exemplary Course Outline
Is your board ready for the challenge?

For further information on the Leadership Heptathlon and wider training offering:

email - LTemple@ararna.co.uk
tel - +44 (0)24 76636629

Our Credentials

We are a management consultancy and training organisation with experience of developing and delivering a wide range of programmes to both public and private sector organisations. Facilitating organisations in building internal capability, we draw upon a range of engagement techniques
The programme has been successfully delivered with measurable results

Outputs from recent delivery:
'It's time for decisions to be made'
'It is my job to lead the way...'

Are you ready to eliminate current organisational hurdles?
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