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Chanda's Wars

No description

Hanna Bruins

on 24 June 2011

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Transcript of Chanda's Wars

Chanda's Wars By: Allen Stratton Characters cHANDA NELSON IRIS SOLY ESTHER GENERAL MANDIKI Chanda is similar to a horse
because she does not easily give up, she is very loving and kind, and she knows what she likes and what she doesn't like doesn't like. chanda's younger brother. An young orphaned girl who was forced to take care of her younger brother and sister after her mother died of aids three monthes earlier. chanda's younger sister. a young girl who also has the responsibility of taking care of her younger brother and sister. Esther had been raped and was living on the streets until Chanda and her sibling took her in to live with them. A young man who Chanda later finds out is the young man who Chanda's grandmother picked out to help take care of Chanda and her siblings. A rebel general of an army who captures children from their families and treatens the children that if they want to run away the men who are in Mandiki's army will come and chop their families into little bits. This picture reprasents Chanda's low point, because both Iris and Soly are taken away by the Mandiki rebels shortly after Chanda found out that they were in the area. The low point in the novel This is a story about a girl named chanda. And how she was forced to take care of her two younger siblings. Due to the amount of dreams that Chanda was having about when her mother died. Chanda's neighbor Mrs. tafa believed that chanda's dreams were omens telling her to go to Tiro, the place of which her mother passed away. After lots of convincing, Chanda finally caved and packed her and her siblings suit casses so that they could go to Trio. Shortly after ariving in Tiro Chanda began haveing another one of her dreams and a woke finding herself wanting to goto the place where her mother passed away. While she was lying in the spot where her mother had been lying at the time when she found her Nelson, one of Chanda's grandmother's,came and found her so that he could bring her back to her Granmother who had been worried sick about her The day Chanda's family was to give her their family blessing, Chanda's family desided to tell her that she was to marry Nelson so he could help provide for her and her siblings. Chanda did not want this, which made her family upset enough that they where ashamed to be around her. So Chanda decided to go back home to where she had come from with her siblings BUT... When Chanda went to go home on the flat bed she found out that it had been bombed by the Mandiki Rebel army. Later on after being rejected from even her older sisters house she went to go seacrch for her cell phone where Nelson had found her a few day's earlier. While looking Chanda was found again by nelson; However, this time is was to warn her that to mandiki army was near, and that they should hid so that they do not find them. At that moment they heard a noise in the woods, Mandiki's army was coming! So... Chanda and nelson hid and listened to Mandiki tell the children that they had just captured about there plans about what would happen if one of them where to run away. when Chanda found out that her sibling had also been captured, she decided to go after the Mandiki rebels to get them back. soon after she was joined by Nelson who's yonger brother was also captured. So.. They both went of together on a dangerous jurney to find their siblings High point in the novel This reprasents the high point in the novel becase it shows that some one is being found ao that they are no longer hiden any longer, like when Chanda finally finds Her siblings CANADIAN? This book is canadian because Allen Stratton recieved an honors degree in english at Victoria Collage, univarsity of Toronto. Allen Stratton has also written stage plays, which were preformed in vancouver. SUBJECTS lOVE fAMILY HOPE COURAGE
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