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Service Learning Project

No description

Emily Walker

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Service Learning Project

Service Learning Project: Cary Club Bryce Kershey
Lena Ratnikova
Emily Walker
Haiqi Wen Overview Client
Improvements Client Cary Club Cary Quadrangle Residence Hall
All male dormitory
Located on W. Stadium Avenue
Sponsor fun events to encourage
community-style living Problem 1 Need help advertising for Sausage Fest
Lack of time because of school year ending
Want to increase participation Solution 1 Create five fliers
Attract male attention
Simple and to the point
Pictures of pigs and sausages
"Sausage Fest" clearly distinguishable Problem 2
Spread word about Cary Club to new residents
Increase attendance at Cary Club events
Easy and efficient manner Solution 2 Create brochure
Counter appeal
Lays out basic framework Assessment Relationship with Client
Easy to communicate with
Enthusiastic about project
Slow on giving feedback
Improvements More face-to-face meetings
Have whole group initially meet client
Increase design element on fliers while still keeping them simple
Summary Client need for advertising Sausage Fest
Group production of five fliers
Client desire to increase participation
Group suggestion of brochure
Overall positive assessment and good experience

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