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No description

Brandon Crane

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of Microsoft

MSFT Buy: $31.64 + $4.43 Last Trade Fri 12:00 PM EST Open $27.21 Highlights: Discuss any topics that are relevant here including the four major factors that drove our decision can go here Brandon Crane
Roberto Doati
Christopher Miceli
Michael Signorile
Carlo Sporken
Doug Stephens Hostess: The Fate of the Twinkie Similarities Both small businesses in terms of overall industry
Both have filed for bankruptcy
Numerous times
Liquidate assets
Both caused by Unions
Hesitancy to a wage cuts
Well known brands survived
Assuming Hostess is bought out Strike The factory was becoming unprofitable
Hourly Wages: $18 - $22
Nine weeks paid leave
Stella D’oro demanded wage cuts
Workers went on strike in August of 2012 Current Issues Currently Hostess is still asking the approval of the court to give there top executives $1.8 million in bonuses.
Two of those executives would also be eligible for additional rewards if the approval is given. Out of Business Strikes
The Tobacco workers and Grain millers international union
Cut Wages
The Texas based company had reached an agreement with its largest union
Second largest union rejected the agreement and that is the main reason the company is going out of business. Going out of Business Laying off 18,500 employees
Closure from Strike
33 Bakeries
565 distribution centers
5,500 delivery routes
570 bakery outlet stores
Filing for bankruptcy
Second time in less than a decade Table of Contents The Demise of Hostess
Twinkie Factory
Public Response
Negative Effects
Positive Effects
Stella D’Oro
Similarities/ Differences
Corporate Response Corporate Response Union power is obviously becoming an issue
Care more about themselves than the impact of their actions
Should the government intervene?
Touchy subject
Companies will move out of US to avoid Unions Corporate Response The free market
Company goes to highest bidder
Government Intervention
Twinkies are an American icon
Loses appeal if moved overseas
Jobs may not come back
Ford was an American icon that was bailout, why not Hostess and the Twinkie Work Resumes Workers reinstated after a 10 month strike
Workers won in court
Invited back to work, then announced the closing of the factory
Would close in October
Bronx factory closed
Products moved elsewhere Loss of Twinkie: Good? Ingredient Origins
It contains 39 ingredients
Sorbic acid
Cellulose gum,
Polysorbate 60
Calcium sulfate.
The vitamins , artificial colors and flavoring that are in Twinkies come from petroleum. Positives of Twinkie Demise Not healthy
People don’t mind to see the brand go
Helping hand to end childhood obesity
Twinkie is not the only un-healthy product produced Economic Impact Timing
Lost jobs before holidays
Possible movement of Production
Move overseas
This action of another bakery failing due to unions could cause future problems for this industry in America Public Response: Twinkie Iconic brand- 1933
People do not want to see it go
Losing another production area
Shrinking in manufacturing
Specific skill set
Many individuals have only done this Possible Purchase Company has said no one has approached them to revive company
Interest in individual products
Sun Capital
Buy most of Hostess Brands
Re-open factories and rehire
Bimbo has shown interest
Mexican company (Take jobs to Mexico) Stella D’oro Founded in 1930
Joseph Kresivich
Sold to Nabisco in 1992
$100 million
Sold to Brynwood Partners
$17.5 million
Stella went bankrupt under Brynwood
Sold to Lance in 2009 Stella O’Doro
Local Corporation
Local Following
Only a few Products were well known
The Union won, however they still ultimately lost Hostess
Multinational corporation
Well known brand
Large amount of brands will be lost
Hostess couldn’t negotiate and filed bankruptcy and eventually closed Differences Good Hearth
Home Pride
J.J. Nissen
Nature's Pride
Standish Farms
Sweetheart Bakery
Wonder Bread Baker's Inn
Blue Ribbon
Bread du Jour
Butternut Breads
Di Carlo
Dolly Madison
Dutch Hearth
Edy's Brand Names
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