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No description

tolstoy hardie

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of Coltan

a Question 1.
Why do we need coltan? Coltan Resource: Coltan
Commodity: technology Introduction: coltan (aka) columbite tantalum is a dull metallic ore, that when ground down into a powder form, is resistant to extreme heat and with some other products can be turned into an electronic device. Such as a Samsung galaxy s3 phone. We need Coltan because if we didn’t use it the electronic device that you were using would start getting hot and then start to burn and soon could possibly end up catching on fire. Coltan is also a vital element used in creating capacitors which control current flow inside the miniature circuit boards. These circuit boards are found in almost every phone and laptops. Question 2.
How do we mine coltan? Coltan is mined through a fairly early process similar to how gold was mined in California during the 1800s. Dozens of men work together digging large craters in streambeds, scraping away dirt from the surface in order to get to the Coltan underground. A good worker can produce one kilogram of Coltan a day. Coltan mining is very well paid. Normally a miner would get about $10 a month, even though some workers can make $10 to $50 a week. This may not sound like a lot to us but in Congo it is! Question 3.
In what parts of the
world is coltan found? Coltan is found in heaps of countries all around the world such as Malaysia Thailand China, Ethiopia, Mozambique, the USA, Congo and Africa. Also there are lots of other countries that are being explored for Coltan and those are Uganda, Greenland, China, Canada, Australia, Egypt, Saudi, Arabia, Venezuela, Finland, Afghanistan and Brazil. Question 4. Are there any negative outcomes from mining Coltan? There has been terrible conflict in Congo for many years leading to the death of over four million people. Many believe the mining of Coltan is the main cause of this conflict which may have also led to the disappearance of masses of gorillas. Children are often separated from their parents and taken as slaves to work in the mines. The extraction of Coltan which is used mainly for technology purposes has resulted in this extremely long conflict and some really awful living conditions for a lot of people. So even though Colton is useful to us, the struggle for control of the Coltan and diamond mines is very bad and has led to this horrible situation. Bibliography: http://www.un.int/drcongo/war/coltan.htm http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coltan
http://skeptics.stackexchange.com/questions/13835/is-coltan-the-main-cause-of-conict-in-congo-since-1997 Illustrated by Tolstoy Hardie
Written by Tolstoy Hardie

Thank you for watching!!!!!!!!!!
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