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No description

Emily Lewis

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of Irony

Irony Examples
Emily Lewis Family Guy Flapjack Situational Irony Verbal Irony Irony: the contrast between what appears and what really is Situational Irony: When the opposite of what is expected to happen, happens. Verbal Irony: Saying the opposite of what you really mean Dramatic Irony: When the reader/ audience are aware of something the character is not. Definitions Hannah Montana Dramatic Irony Situational Irony is when you expect something to happen, yet the opposite happens. This happens a lot in stories. An example is when in Mean Girls you don't expect Regina to put her own picture in the burn book and turn it in to the principal. Verbal Irony is saying the opposite of what you really mean. Sarcasm is almost always a form of verbal irony. An example of verbal irony is in Taylor Swift's song "Better Than Revenge" whenever she says "let's hear the applause,
c'mon show me how much better you are,
see you deserve some applause
'cause you're so much better". Dramatic Irony is when the reader or the audience knows what is going to happen when the character of the story has no idea. Dramatic irony happens in a lot of cartoons and horror movies. An example of dramatic irony is in the karate episode of Spongebob. We all know Sandy is going to jump out of no-where and attack Spongebob when Spongebob has no clue what is about to hit him. (pun intended) Quiz on all the forms of Irony MLA Flapjack. N.d. YouTube.

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