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Telecommunications Device for the Deaf

Learn about how people with hearing loss can talk to others over any telephone, including pay phones!

Lindsay Schroeder

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Telecommunications Device for the Deaf

Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD) What is TDD? How does TDD work? Examples of TDD A TDD is a portable Keyboard telephone
used by the hearing impaired to call other
TDD's. Instead of speaking and listening, you type on the
TDD keyboard and read incoming messages on a tiny screen. A typical old-fashioned TDD looks like a small, white electric typewriter with a tiny one-line screen and a built-in acoustic coupler (2 black cups that attaches the end of a telephone handset. This means that the TDD can be used with any telephone, including coin telephones.) One of the newest TDDs is the size of a videotape and folds open to reveal a touch-typeable keyboard. It can call computers with modems, has an 80 character backlit LCD screen, and lasts for 15 hours on battery. Discussion TDD is useful for people who are hearing impaired. This allows them to use a telephone and talk with others. It can be attached to any telephone as well, including a pay phone. They are actually reasonably priced as well! Questions 1. Have you heard of these devices before? Have you heard of any similar devices? If so, in what context and/or what is the device?
2. Do you think this is a device that would be a worthy investment, even if you are not deaf but know someone who is? Why or why not?
3. What are other examples of telecommunications devices?
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