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1950's LIFE


Eve Walker

on 27 October 2012

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Transcript of 1950's LIFE

LEGEND OF THE 50'S The S.P.E. Aspects Fashion in the 50's is about being conservative, showing the innocence, class and especially gender IN SOCIAL MODE OF THE 50'S During the early fifties, American education underwent dramatic however this changed completely later in the decade During this decade, the T.V. was a trend, which kids and teens could not get off of. Now the question is, is this the same pattern that followed us today? ENTERTAINMENT The type of music that teens were obsessed with was the rebellious type for the parents to hear When it comes to minimum wage in the decade as the years passed by so did the wage, it increased !! What was significant back then, was the peaceful and normal life that had to occur after the war (WWII)

The men coming home after the war needed their good old lovely wives back to their original roles

Industries had to immediately stop the production of war equipment and begin to create goods that made the peaceful life pleasant for everyone THE AFTER EFFECTS OF WWII 50'S ECONOMICAL ASPECTS During this decade there were important events that united us with pride, for example we had a new Prime Minister named Louis S. St. Laurent INSIDE POLITICS The Suez Crisis was one of the most uncontrollable events of the 20TH century. It crushed the unity of the Western alliance, and threatened to overcome the Middle East in a massive measure of war. GAME TIME THAT'S THE END OF OUR PRESENTATION IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO USE OR LOOK AT OUR PRESENTATION AGAIN PLEASE LOGIN TO PREZI AND GO TO 1950'S LIFE FOR MORE INFO Equal education for both Black and White people became the importance Celebrities of the music world in the decade were Elvis Presley, Bill Haley, and Jerry Lee Lewis
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