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A Whodunit Murder Mystery

No description

Heather Nicole Bruyere

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of A Whodunit Murder Mystery

Roles/Resources: A Whodunit Murder Mystery Introduction:
We have been reading murder mysteries and learning about the past continuous and past simple. Now it is your turn to create your own murder mystery:
Whodunit? Evaluation: Process: 1. Create a video describing the crime that has been committed using http://animoto.com/play/Y9jcib2mutBttRMBj1obUg

2.Make a map of the house where the crime was committed labeling the rooms and any important furniture or objects using http://www.thinglink.com/scene/319840244847345666#tlsite

3. Record the testimonies of the different suspects using your own voices using https://voicethread.com/?#u3244770.b3613144.i18856383

4. Create another video with http://animoto.com to reveal who committed the crime.

5. Present your first video, map and suspect's testimonies to the class.

6. Classmates will have the opportunity to guess whodunit...??? After that the group presenting will show their final video revealing the criminal. Detective 1: Creates the video telling the story of the crime (who did it, where he/ she died, possible hints to reveal the crime)
http://animoto.com Investigator: Investigates the suspects and writes their testimonies (where they were and what they were doing.
http://voicethread.com Map Maker: Creates the map of the scene of the crime labeling rooms, furniture, where suspects were and what they were doing.
http://thinglink.com Detective 2: Analyzes the crime and writes the revealing of the criminal (who did it, where, with what weapon and why)
http://animoto.com Resources: http://animoto.com
http://thinglink.com Learning Goals: Microphone
IMAGINATION!!! General Learning Objective:
Student is able to orally express what happened and was happening in the past using short and simple sentence structure and vocabulary that is known to them.

Specific Learning Objective:
1) Listen and show understanding of implicit information.
2) Write short texts with basic sentence structure to express what happened in the past in general and at a specific moment.
3) MAFI Nivel 3 4.2 Cognitive: "Plans academic activities considering his own characeristics, necesities and interests and selects the most appropriate resources in order to complete his work on time."
4) MAFI Nivel 3 2.3 Social/Affective: "Shows a helpful actitude and is able to celebrate victories or help others in social and academic settings."
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