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Apostrophe Rules

No description

Angelina Valvona

on 29 December 2016

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Transcript of Apostrophe Rules

Apostrophe Rules
Rule 3 (plural possessions)
To show plural possession, make the noun plural first. Then immediately use the apostrophe.
two boys' hats *
two women's hats *
two actresses' hats *
two children's hats *
the Changs' house *
the Joneses' golf clubs *
the Strauses' daughter
the Sanchezes' artwork *
the Hastingses' appointment
the Leeses' books
Rule 2 (singular possessions)
Use the apostrophe to show possession. Place the apostrophe before the s to show singular possession.
one boy's hat *
one woman's hat
one actress's hat
one child's hat
Ms. Chang's house

Mr. Jones's golf clubs *
Texas's weather
Ms. Straus's daughter
Jose Sanchez's artwork *
Dr. Hastings's appointment (name is Hastings)
Mrs. Lees's books (name is Lees) *

Rule 1 (contractions)
Use the apostrophe with contractions. The apostrophe is always placed at the spot where the letter(s) has been removed.

don't, isn't
You're right.
She's a great teacher.

The End
Rule 4
(singular compound nouns)
With a singular compound noun, show possession with 's at the end of the word.

my mother-in-law

Rule 5
(plural compound nouns)
If the compound noun is plural, form the plural first and then use the apostrophe.

my two brother
Use the apostrophe and s after the second name only if two people possess the same item.
Cesar and Maribel
home is constructed of redwood.
and Maribel
job contracts will be renewed next year.
Indicates separate ownership.
Cesar and Maribel's job contracts will be renewed next year.
Indicates joint ownership of more than one contract.
Rule 6
(possession of the same item)
Never use an apostrophe with possessive pronouns: his, hers, its, theirs, ours, yours, whose. They already show possession so they do not require an apostrophe.

This book is hers, not yours.

Sincerely your's.

Rule 7
(possessive pronouns)
Rule 8
(Its vs. It's)
The only time an apostrophe is used for it's is when it is a contraction for it is or it has.

It's a nice day.
It's your right to refuse the invitation.
It's been great getting to know you.

The plurals for capital letters and numbers used as nouns are not formed with apostrophes.
She consulted with three M.D.s.
She went to
three M.D.s'
The apostrophe is needed here to show plural possessive.
She learned her
not the 1990's
or the
not the '90's or the mid-'70's
She learned her times tables for 6s and 7s.
Use apostrophes with capital letters and numbers when the meaning would be unclear otherwise.
Please dot your
You don't mean is.
Ted couldn't distinguish between his
6's and 0's
You need to use the apostrophe to indicate the plural of zero or it will look like the word
. To
be consistent within a sentence
, you would also use the apostrophe to indicate the plural of 6's.
Rule 9 (plurals of numbers
and capital letters)
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