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The Bet

Walden Group10- Eden, Cynthia, and RosalieThe Bet- Prezi Take One

Eden Withers-Koch

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of The Bet

the bet anton chekhov Eden Withers-Koch
Rosalie Helling
Cynthia Olvera An old banker throws a party at his house, where a conversation on capital punishment and imprisonment is sparked. exposition conflict Upon a discussion on which is more humane: capital punishment or solitary confinement, a young lawyer disputes the old banker, and the bet is triggered. the rules he cannot cross the threshold of the lodge, see human beings, hear human voices, or receive letters or newspapers
he can have a musical instrument, books, and he was allowed to write letters, drink and smoke rising action THE FIRST YEAR suffered from loneliness and depression
played piano day and night and he refused tobacco and wine for “wine excites the desires, and desires are the worst foes of the prisoner” and tobacco spoiled the air in his room
read novels of complicated love plots, sensational and fantastic stories the music stopped
the young lawyer only asked for classics THE SECOND YEAR he began to play again
he then asked for wine
that year was spent eating, drinking, lying in bed, and muttering angrily to himself
he didn’t read, instead he would spend hours writing, and in the morning, he would tear what he had written, and cries could be heard from the room. THE FIFTH YEAR THE SIXTH YEAR he prisoner began to vigorously study languages, philosophy, and history
he mastered six languages in four years
Those were the productive and happy years. THE TENTH YEAR he spent the whole year reading and studying one book: the Gospel THE LAST YEARS his readings were rather odd
he asked for Byron, Shakespeare, books on chemistry, medicine, natural sciences, and philosophy and theology the banker thinks to himself, if the lawyer were to fulfill the bet, the banker would be ruined.
He would not be ruined by some lunatic who will take his last penny and enjoy life.
So, he decides the best thing to do is to kill the prisoner. as the banker went to the lawyer, he saw the lawyer sitting there like a statue, motionless. as he creeps over to murder the prisoner, he is suddenly stops to read a letter written by the prisoner, in which he has written his thoughts on his imprisonment. Climax the lawyer, after fifteen years, is content with himself
he leaves, without the two million denouement theme The theme in "The Bet" is that material wealth, in the end is nothing compared to moral values, or ultimately wisdom. Wait, how? In the story, the lawyer is sent to solitary confinement for 15 years, without material goods or contact with the living.
Through these 15 years, the lawyer reads books, studies languages, and goes into deep thought about life.
Through this, the lawyer seems to achieve wisdom, selflessness, and ultimately the ability to live without material goods. What is the Author Saying? I believe the author is trying to tell us to not be so concerned with material wealth and to actually focus on important things, such as family, wisdom, and moral values. Okay, sweet. Is that it? Yeah, I'm finished. Just kidding. Another theme in "The Bet" is avoid things that you may regret. Enlighten us. How? In the beginning of the story, the banker and the lawyer made the bet because of a minor argument that grew heated. Since the two were so stubborn and were so concerned about proving the other wrong, they agreed on a bet that both the banker, and the lawyer would regret in the long run. Author's thoughts: No "YOLO" Essentially, I believe the author is trying to tell us to avoid things we may regret. Enjoy your life, but try your best to avoid stupid decisions. Character Analysis The Banker: - Static character
-His only concerned
is to not loose his
money The Lawyer: -Dynamic character
-At first in the beginning
of the story, he was
determined to win the bet.
-At the end of the story, he
changes his mind, and
purposely looses the bet. Literary Elements ONE DAY BEFORE point of view setting mood tone third person omniscient how? The banker is outside the story and his knowledge about himself and the lawyer’s feelings, thoughts and actions is unlimited. the party is at the banker’s house
the prisoner is held captive in one of the lodges in the banker’s garden
in Russia (1870-1885)

While the banker’s house seems very lively place during the party, the lodge in which the lawyer is staying at for fifteen years seems to be the exact opposite. Both the tone and the mood are very serious and pessimistic. The way the author and the narrator spoke had a somewhat dark sense to it.
The way the banker was talking about the lawyer’s actions.
The way the banker talked about killing the lawyer.
The way the lawyer sounded in his letter to the banker. and...? I know what you're thinking. fifteen years of solitary confinement for two million sick. Symbols #1: -Books= wisdom Symbol #2: -15 years= lack
of freedom Tone: -Melancholic Foreshadowing: -When he wanted the wine we assumed he also wanted out Irony: -We did not expect him to not take the money reviews theme was okay the plot was unrealistic
the ending was lame Hey, Ya'll! Thanks for Listening! From your radical pals,
E-Lazer, Cynthnasty, and Rosadizzle I like turtles. FIN Guys, I made up those nicknames. Me. Eden.
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