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No description

Graham McMillan

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of DO YOU KNOW COMO

Social Media Team

- Sections of the documentary -



Center in action

Editing and narration


Documentary Project
Leroy Hood

Gabrielle Jackson and Madison Oberg

The Marketing team broke down into three smaller groups:

Team Website (Madison and Gabi)

Team Facebook and Twitter (Will and Anna)

Team Leroy (Leroy)

Social Media Team

To educate individuals about the Como Community Center through various media outlets
To share the great things happening in the Como Community
To encourage individuals to get involved and personally impact the Como Community

Carol Brown gave us three distinct areas of need:
Marketing plan with a social media presence
Fundraising opportunities
An additional after-school program for science

Como’s Needs

“We welcome you into our home and our community. It takes a lot to accomplish all that we’re doing.”

Great things happening in the Como Community
No one knows


Leroy Hood, Gabi Jackson, Madison Oberg, Will Paden, Anna Scott

Social Media Team

Info heavy vs. Feelings oriented

Pity vs. Service


Tonal Considerations

Marketing team’s goal: To connect the Fort Worth community to Como through a variety of media outlets.

Team Mission



“We need to spread awareness. YOU can help.”

Our goal: To create a social media marketing strategy that would help people in the Tarrant County area learn and get involved with Como Community Center.

Our product: We created a Facebook page for Como Community Center that would allow people to easily search and find contact information for volunteers, hours of operation, various programs offered at Como, and donation information.

Facebook for Como

Our goal: To create a social media marketing strategy that would help people in the Tarrant County area to learn and get involved with Como Community Center.
Our product: We created a Twitter account for Como Community Center that would allow people to easily receive instant updates about Como’s upcoming events as well as information regarding volunteer opportunities.

Twitter for Como

Ice and salt

How salt keeps ice from forming!


Water cycle

Why it snows

Dr. Williams
Roseangela Boyd
Lauren Nixon and the Honors office
Carol Brown
Como Community Center staff
Daniel Terry and Keri Cyr

Thank you!

Helping, Fixing, Serving

Connect the “need” to how we served

Personal member’s reflections

From class to Como

November 12 – Art Night

To supplement the Christmas in the Stockyards event

Draw what Como means to you”

“Boo” bubbles

Discuss matter

Pumpkin station

Discuss plants and seeds

Met every other week


Planned curriculum

Took turns teaching

Buy materials

Purpose: have science at the core of every lesson. Make science fun and interesting!

Science Night

Allowed us to buy materials for each science night

SDS Grant

Science night need

Attaining grant through SDS

Met to plan experiments

Every other Tuesday from October 15th - December 3rd

Como’s Needs

By: Brady Hamlett, Lauren Corbet, Paytin Specht, Mariah Green, Marcie Orjuela, & Helen Colina

Science Night

Next Empathy class

Detailed itinerary

Printed and passed on as a resource

Ideas passed on to Como for future


Santa’s toothpaste

Function of yeast

December 12th
Christmas Stations

Pretzel Spiders

Discuss arachnids

October 29th -
Halloween stations

Oct. 15th –

Marshmallow towers


Strengths in shapes

Competition to build tallest tower

Science Nights!

Spreading Como Awareness

Fund raising for the Como Community Center


Megan McMahon
Aubrey Fearer
Aubree Hutchison
Graham McMillan

Group C-Community Awareness

Rescheduled for Saturday, December 14th due to inclement weather
Tent open from 4pm-6pm
Anticipating success
all baskets raffled off
all flyers distributed
raise at least $385 to match the value of the donations

Christmas at the Stockyards Event

Spa Package:

- Blow Dry Bar: $30

-Moda Aveda Salon: 1 Pedicure: $60 value

- Spa items

Total Value: $90

Fort Worth Dining Package:

- Ol’ South Pancake house: $25, T-shirt, Coffee Mug, 7 coupons for free pancake stacks

- Café Bella: $15

- Fuzzy’s Taco Shop: $20

- Los Vaqueros: $50

- Sweet Sammies: $15

- Dutch’s Burgers: $15

Total Value: over $150!

Gift Baskets for

Reserved tent at Christmas in the Stockyards event
Annual event which attracts over 10,000 attendees from all over the DFW area
Collaborated with Fort Worth businesses and received donations for raffle baskets
Printed materials distributed
J. Rae's cookies distributed to attendees who purchase raffle tickets

Steps Taken:

Golf Package:

- 1 Hour Golf Lesson; $130

- 1 Sleeves of golf balls: $15

Total Value: $145

TCU Spirit Package:
-1 TCU Duffle bag
-1 TCU shirt
-1 TCU hat
-other various TCU items
Total Value: $100
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