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Effective Flipping:

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Mike Smart

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of Effective Flipping:

Byron, MN Math (K-12)
Higher achievement, lower failure

Zappe, Leicht, Messner, Litzinger, and Lee (2009)
Undergraduate Architecture Course
Higher Student Satisfaction

Warter-Perez and Dong (2012)
California Lutheran University
Higher Student Achievement
Email: mwsmart@district287.org
Twitter: @MikeSmart

Link to Presentation Materials:

Effective Flipping: Tips for Enhancing Learning
CK Louis
Common Ground
Everything is Amazing...
The Flipped Classroom
The flipped classroom is a pedagogical model in which the typical lecture and homework elements of a course are reversed.

It is one option in the Blended-learning Taxonomy.
Flipping Benefits
Deeper Learning
Active Participation
Cooperative (Student-Student) Learning
More Feedback
Stronger Professor-Student Relationships
Disadvantages to Traditional Instruction
One pace for all.
Low participation.
Absent students = absent instruction.
Students struggle to complete homework.
Little class time to practice and apply.
Low personalized instruction.
Tips for Getting Started I
Short, user-controlled video
Zhang (2005) University of Maryland study

Do Create Informal Videos: Don't Be Perfect

Do Be Engaging: Don't be Boring

Do Get to the point: Don't Cycle through your teaching

Do Teach: Don't read from a script

Tips for Getting Started II
Find it, Don't Make it!

Checking for student activity outside of class
Quizzes, short assignment, feedback, or questions

Start Small
One Unit, one week, Rule of Three...

Rethinking Class Time
Traditional Assignments, Done in Class, might not be best...

So... what do you do?

Peer Flipping

Project-Based Learning

Maker Movement

Push UP on Bloom's Taxonomy
Video Tips
Contact Info
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