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Puerto Rican Funeral Customs

No description

Harmony Jovet

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of Puerto Rican Funeral Customs

Roman Catholic with a Twist Puerto Rican Funeral Customs Customs Roman Catholic
In Homes
Overt Displays of Emotion
Gender Differences in Mourning
Food Recent Unconventional Trends "Still Standing" In Conclusion Primarily Roman Catholic
Very Family Oriented
More Emotional Displays
Wakes in Homes
Praying Beliefs About Death Praying for Soul of Deceased
"Straight to Heaven" References Religion and expressive culture - Puerto Ricans http://www.everyculture.com/Middle-America-Caribbean/Puerto-Ricans-Religion-and-Expressive-Culture.html#ixzz2AixDY8Mu




http://thelasttradition.blogspot.com/2010/04/puerto-rican-funeral-home-presents.html Death and Afterlife.
In Puerto Rico, death and the passage into afterlife are commonly marked by vigils, or wakes, and novenas, which are days of prayer for the dead. During the vigils, which occur between death and burial, the close friends and relatives of the dead gather around the body, which lies in state, and pray for the soul's passage into heaven. Throughout the night of the vigil, people who knew the deceased come and go while a small group of women and men who were particularly close to the dead say the rosary. Candles burn, and the prayers last until dawn of the day the person is to be buried. Following the funeral, the novenas begin. These nine consecutive days of prayer take place in the house of the deceased and constitute a means by which God's favor is solicited on behalf of the deceased's surviving kin and friends, as well as a means of reaffirming ties among households and community solidarity.
Religion and expressive culture - Puerto Ricans http://www.everyculture.com/Middle-America-Caribbean/Puerto-Ricans-Religion-and-Expressive-Culture.html#ixzz2AixDY8Mu
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