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erika steinger

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of Conventions

Correcting Sentence Fragments
Correcting Sentence Fragments
Write whether each fragment is missing a subject or a verb.
To correct some sentence fragments, you can connect the fragment to a complete sentence by adding a comma and any missing words.
Revising fragments
You can revise sentence fragments by:
1. Adding a missing subject or verb
2. Combining sentences using a comma and adding a joining word and any missing words.
Lesson EQ: How do we edit a paragraph?

Unit EQ: Why are killer plagues such a threat?
Do Now: Open your RBook to page 51 and complete the left column. Use your paragraph that you wrote yesterday to answer the questions and evaluate your work.
A sentence fragment is an incomplete sentence. Often, sentence fragments are missing a subject or a verb. To fix some fragments, add a subject or verb to make a complete sentence.
Complete Sentence
Killed many people.
Many people got sick. Developed a vaccine.
1. In the 18th century, smallpox.
Correcting Sentence Fragments
Complete Sentence/Fragment
Ebola spreads easily.
Kills quickly.
Complete sentence
Ebola spreads easily, and it kills quickly.
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